Can I go back to v.6 extension for browsers?

nancyageenancyagee Junior Member

I recently tried Version 7, and for the most part I like the update to the Mac app. However, I DO NOT like the new version of the browser extension - the window is too big, too complicated, and provides too much unnecessary information. The old version was much better (and cleaner) - it easily got me to what I needed to fill in a webpage and open it. That is one of the main purposes of 1Password. If I want to see all of the other information, I can just open the app.

Is there a way (via preferences?) to make the extension window cleaner looking?

There a second issue regarding the constant notices of weak passwords, etc. Sometimes I WANT to use a weak password - it is ok to be reminded, but there needs to be a way to turn the warnings off.

I have been using 1Password for many, many years, but this is the first time that I've not been impressed with an upgrade. If I can't fix these issues, I'll probably go back to Version 6.

1Password Version: 7.0.4
Extension Version: 4.7.1
OS Version: OS 10.13.5
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • Greetings @nancyagee,

    There is no v6 extension. The 1Password extension is merely a bridge between the browser and 1Password and has no UI (User Interface) of its own. 1Password mini is completely supplied by the 1Password application.

    1Password mini will undoubtedly be tweaked as we learn more about where it works and where it doesn't but I very much doubt we'll see it return to the old style in 1Password 6 for Mac.

  • nancyageenancyagee Junior Member

    A number of years ago, I set up 1Password for my elderly father so that he could move on from writing his passwords on a notebook (or worse, on post it notes!). If I had started him with version 7, I can guarantee that he would not have been able to figure out how to use that complicated window. As it is, I have OTHER elderly relatives that use Macs, and I am now very reluctant to recommend 1Password to them. What was once simple and easy has now become very complicated.

    Please ask your developers to consider a preference setting or some other way reduce the amount of information shown on the mini window. If nothing else, the sidebar I should be able to reduce the sidebar as I can on the Mac app.

  • Hello @nancyagee,

    I can file an issue but reports have to be very specific, if I file one that basically says has become very complicated and option to reduce information it will get closed immediately as un-actionable. What we need to do is learn what you mean by complicated and would information you would want to see removed.

    Part of the issue is because I'm not instinctively understanding what you mean I can't attempt to fill in the blanks. The new UI (User Interface) will take a bit of getting used to but I'm not seeing what it is displaying that wasn't present in the old style menu. Both display the current matches, both allow access to a Password Generator and both allowed a user to navigate based on item category or tags. The Suggested items section has been beefed up a bit in that it will display Credit Card and Identity items as they are always available for filling but the matching Login items appear on top, just as they do in the old style mini. The use of the sidebar means certain sections, such as categories can be hidden which the old style approach couldn't do.

    Hopefully I can better understand what you view as the additional complexity and we can see what might be done.

  • Oh My Gosh!!! I don't understand why the 1Password developers do not pay attention to the users requests and be defensive about the UI bad decisions. It's so complicated stay the things working like the version 6?

    Not talking about the the big window with this all information, the most bug me is the browser extension icon when click pop ups this mega window on the center of my iMac screen 27 inches, so I need move my mouse cursor to that place to select the password. Before in 1Password 6 it shows a scroll down window below the icon and I can select easily my passwords.

    So what is not possible to make works in the old fashion way? If not I will back to my version 6 with its good things.

    Do you hear that saying an old dog cannot learns new tricks?


  • @karlegas:

    the most bug me is the browser extension icon when click pop ups this mega window on the center of my iMac screen 27 inches, so I need move my mouse cursor to that place to select the password.

    You do know that you can drag the window to where you want it and it will remember that location for the next time it's opened? I know that doesn't address all your concerns but it may help. (You'll probably find it easier to drag the window when 1Password mini is locked.)


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @karlegas: Thanks for your feedback! As Stephen_C mentioned, you can click and drag 1Password mini to place it anywhere you want on screen, and it will remember its position. That will allow you to put it but by the 1Password button if that's your preference. :)

  • Hi @karlegas,

    The new interface has been inspired by Spotlight and so the default location is the middle of the screen. The new 1Password mini is can be moved (just like the old menu could) and also be resized. Like the old menu it can also be navigated using the keyboard if moving the mouse cursor seems onerous for any reason. While I'm sure there will be tweaks to the new approach based on what we've learned, I don't see us returning to the old approach.

    As the 1Password mini interface is supplied by the native client, returning to the old menu would mean removing 1Password 7 entirely and returning to 1Password 6 which is no longer under active development. You could return if you feel strongly about it but and as is often the case, eventually there will be scenarios where remaining on an older version causes certain limitations in terms of browser and operating system support. I don't expect 1Password 6 to suddenly stop working but as we've seen time and time again, as 1Password relies heavily on both the operating system and the various browsers if they are both updated and 1Password isn't it eventually results in incompatibilities. If you still wish assistance in returning to 1Password 6 let us know.

  • Thank you Stephen_C, I don't know about the window can be dragged to a specific position, could be works at less if the window was not too big with that sidebar.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Glad Stephen_C's tip helped. We're here if you have any other questions. :)

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