Firstly, this request relates to 1Password for Families. For some reason the only category that I could select for this question was 1Password for Mac Beta ... Everything else greyed out. Anyway, back to the question ...

As far as I can determine, sharing anything seems to grant edit rights? Is that correct? I really don't want the party I am sharing with to inadvertently change or accidentally delete any of my passwords, at least without me knowing. I really want to be able to share items as read only.

The only work around that I can see to this issue is to keep a duplicate of anything shared in a private vault. That is going to be really cumbersome.

I really hope my understanding of 1Password for Families is incorrect as I thought there was going to be more sophisticated security permissions over just using vaults sync'd with dropbox.


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  • @anhnn1234 you can create an additional vault and only grant write-access to yourself and read-only to all others.
    On this site in the section "Manage Access" you can see how you can assign rights to vaults:
    However this does NOT work with the "Shared" vault, that has been created by default. Access to this vault cannot be changed.

    Also, Family Organizers can give access to themselves to any vault that is not a user's personal vault. But as you are afraid of accidental editing, you would not want to give those users Organizer privileges, as long as they are not experienced with using 1Password.

  • brentybrenty

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    @anhnn1234: Indeed, 1Password Families offers a few benefits over sharing vaults via Dropbox (besides it being easier!):

    • You don't have to share your Master Password; each family member can choose their own for logging into their account to access the vaults you share with them.
    • You can set permissions for vaults.
    • Automatic backup and item history can save your bacon even if someone (or you!) makes a mistake.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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