How to set up emergency access



  • Just wanted to add a +1 to this "Emergency Access" request. I'm looking for a new password manager, and this is a critical feature for me.

    LastPass and Dashlane already have this, with Bitwarden in the process of implementing, so 1Password may soon become the odd-one-out of the "big 4" password managers. I fully understand everyone has a different threat profile, and 1Password is looking to get this right. I do thank you staff for your honesty saying "make your decision based on what is currently available", and I will do so, but I really hope this feature might come in the future.*

    If it does, it would be great to see some specificity where certain items/folders (is that a "vault" in 1Password?) can be included/excluded from the access. LastPass doesn't have this at all and Dashlane only has inclusion per item, but Bitwarden look to be developing something a bit more flexible.


    *PS: I'm so keen on seeing this in 1Password because apart from that, it looks like a great option! Travel mode, pricing, partnership with Troy Hunt, AgileBits being "good guys" with the open-source iOS app extension back in 2014 with iOS 8, allowing other password managers to build on it... I hope I can make use of your product one day!

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @cowper. :)


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