Latest 1Password X on Firefox is great!

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While I'm new to 1Password overall, I am finding that I really prefer the 1Password X add-on experience over the MiniWindow 1Password desktop app extension -- especially after the update to 1.8 on Firefox 61 (Windows).

I do have a few feature requests for future updates to 1Password X:

Keyboard Shortcut to Autofill: While CTRL . brings up the add-on window, it would be nice if CTRL+SHIFT . would autofill login information if there is a specific match like CTRL \ does with the native extension. (This is the primary thing I'm missing from native extension.)

Add/Update After Submit: As mentioned on a different thread, it would be great if the "Update Password" dialog prompt could wait until after the change password form has been submitted to prompt you (via a dropdown from the taskbar icon):

This is would be also true for when I manually enter a login on a page for a site I haven't previously stored in 1Password. I have seen other Password Manager WebExtensions do this and it really helps reduce the chance of saving a wrong or rejected password in the database.

Default to Generator for New Password fields: It would be nice if the inline dropdown default "New Password" fields on password change pages was the password generator UI or the "suggested password" fill tip.

Edit in the Add-On UI: It would be nice to be able to edit an entry within the add-on drop down, rather than shelling out to the website.

Option to shell out to Desktop App: It would be nice to have an option in the settings of the Add-On to shell out to the desktop app for edits or to view secure document rather than to the website.

Option to submit after auto-fill: It would be nice to have an option in the settings to submit after filling in the login information, like the native extension does.

Thanks again for the great support on this site and for all the work on 1Password and 1Password X Add-On!

1Password Version: 7.1.576
Extension Version: X 1.8.0
OS Version: Win10 1803
Sync Type:


  • MitchMitch

    Team Member
    edited July 2018

    Hey @millercentral,

    Thanks for your kind words and feedback. These are all great suggestions! Several of them are on our own list of must-haves as well. We're taking a quick breather following last week's huge 1.8 release before we move into our next development cycle, but as the summer picks up expect to see lots of exciting new things coming to 1Password X.

    I do want to double-check with you about one item on your list: Default to Generator for New Password fields. 1Password X already does this on sign-up forms and change passwords — or at least is supposed to — so if you spot any pages where the generator doesn't appear by default, please let us know, because that's a bug. :)


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