1Password doesn't handle this site's log-in box properly. And other bugs.

Please take a look at www.sfchronicle.com. (Screenshot attached). I have a saved username and password for this site.

1Password 7 will fill the sign in box, but instead of submitting it and my being logged in, it just does something that makes the sign in box go away. (I assume send a return key)

I have to re-open the sign in box, where I will see the username and password fields populated with my credentials, but I must then click on the Sign-In button to get logged in.

Also, why can't I move the 1Password 7 pop-up box, the box that shows up when I use the icon in the browser menu bar. I realize I can click on the right arrow to open the item, then click on the button to detach the item, which then can be moved around. But sometimes I just want to get the pop-up out of the way to see what is behind it. Is there some programmatic reason the pop-up cannot be moved?

Also, if I have my preferences set to be warned about compromised passwords, and I want to copy the password for those sites that it is necessary I have to scroll down to reveal the password field in 1Password. With the compromised password warning off, Username and Password are visible in the default sizing. So the solution is a dynamic sizing so it recognizes when the password warning is on or off. Or doesn't include it inside the box but puts it above the box.

Here is why I need to copy and paste with 1Password: I get a free Washington Post subscription with my Amazon Prime membership. But I have to sign into the WaPo site with my Amazon credentials. I have no WaPo credentials, I always must use my Amazon credentials.

Sad to say, 1Password has no good solution at the moment except to open the 1Password pop-up, search for Amazon, copy and paste the Amazon credentials into the WaPo sign-in after clicking on the Use Amazon To Sign In button.

More and more sites are using 3rd party authentication to sign in to their sites, be it using the Facebook API, or the Google one. Mostly those two, but there are sites that use others, like signing into Skype with Microsoft Office credentials.

1Password at the moment has no facility to deal with third-party authentication sign-ins. Perhaps a good idea for the wish list?

1Password Version: 7.0.6
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.13.5
Sync Type: 1Password Vault
Referrer: forum-search:1Password doesn't handle this site's log-in box properly.


  • Hello @FogCityNative,

    Can you try the following link as an alternative to using the pop-up form on the homepage please. The alternative URL is:


    This loads a dedicated page with the sign-in form, one that doesn't disappear when you attempt to fill. Pop-up forms can be a bit hit and miss for 1Password because for a number of sites we need to perform tests on the input fields on the page. These tests help with a number of sites but can trigger a response from a page with a pop-up form. A dedicated sign-in page, like the above URL helps work around the issue.

    I'm not sure if I fully understand what you mean when you say

    ...no facility to deal with third-party authentication sign-ins.

    and wonder if you can elaborate for me please. From what I can see the page will load the standard sign-in form for that site and if you try to use 1Password it should offer the correct Login item. It does require that you know how you have registered with a particular site as 1Password can't select the desired option but the actual filling of the sign-in form should work.

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