1Password for elderly family members - 1PX?

I have recently purchased a family subscription and will be guiding/introducing my parents to 1Password.
Based on the experience users have had with both the traditional application and the new 1PX Chrome extension, what would be more intuitive ?
I have been incredibly impressed with 1Password X so far, however, curious on others experience.


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  • brentybrenty

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    @Thomas_Griffiths: Wow. Really good question. I think it's a tough call and will probably depend on the person. Generally I'd say 1Password X is easier because it streamlines a lot of things: password generation, login saving, filling. It's also simpler in the sense that there's nothing else to install, and updates happen automatically. But because it's also a bit different from a native app — Windows, Mac, or otherwise — there could be a learning curve for people who are used to how more traditional software works. But because 1Password X could potentially save you a lot of trouble (updates, installation of separate browser extensions, etc.) you may want to start there and see how it goes. Interested to hear how it goes, and any feedback from you or your loved ones! :)

  • Appreciate the response @brenty , in hindsight this should probably have been posted in the "lounge" section. I'll start with 1Password X and let you know how I get on :)
    FYI - the value you add to these forums is incredibly! you guys rock ;)

  • brentybrenty

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    Good call. I've moved it to Lounge. And thanks so much for the kind words! What you and the rest of the community contribute here is really incredible too. :chuffed:

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