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  • Hi @aguyngueran,

    I would still recommend checking 1Password 7 out just because 1Password 4 isn't being worked on any more. We will still offer technical support but as time goes on the answer may be it just can't work with x or y any more. You're certainly not forced to update though, it's just something I would recommend users consider, see if the work that has gone into 1Password 7 is something they'd like to use :smile:

  • I updated Chrome today and got the same issue as @aguyngueran where clicking on the 1Password button does nothing. So will 1Password 4 no longer work with Chrome without disabling the browser code signature check, or will an eventual update to the plugin help with that?

  • Hi,
    I've also a problem with the Extension Chrome but I'm using it with Vivaldi.

    Do I need to send a diagnostic report and if yes how I do it with 1Password 7?

  • @bluon, it isn't the extension so an update to it won't help, the native application contains a hardcoded list of known code signatures and Chrome's has changed since 1Password 4 was last worked on. You are correct in your understanding that disabling the check entirely is the only way to get things to work with 1Password 4. There will be no more updates to 1Password 4 which is why I would recommend any 1Password 4 user to consider upgrading. My hope is all of our existing 1Password 4 have found it value for money so far and will like all the work that has gone into 1Password 7.

    @ShadowFM, this thread relates only to Chrome and 1Password for Windows, we will reply to your thread to keep the topics separate.

  • I'm not so sure I would wan't to spend $3 per month on an annual plan for the very few updates I would need, I rather pay more when I need to update it than to have a subscription than runs forever.

    I got a bundle package 4 or 5 years ago, windows/mac including the extras in the ios app and it cost me 2 years of "subscription" fee and here I am using the same version working fine except for the chrome extension,

    and I'm still not convinced that paying 3 years of membership is worth the price for me so I guess its goodbye using the extension in chrome simple as that.



  • Greetings @LilliZ,

    1Password 7 for both Mac and Windows do still support licences if you're not convinced by our 1Password accounts and in the end all you can do is make the best decision for you, if remaining with 1Password 4 for Windows is what you wish to do that is your choice to make.

    A small clarification though, if you have the Pro features in 1Password for iOS it was either from a separate purchase of 1Password 4 for iOS or the in-app purchase at a later point. We have never had a bundle that includes either Android or iOS as the various stores don't allow for it. The use of the centralised server for the 1Password accounts mean this is the first time we could have it where we can activate all the clients which is one benefit to the 1Password account, you can use as many devices on as many supported platforms as you have.

  • yes I got the pro Ios features as an in app purchase, still the combined (Bundle and ios pro features) price was alot less than the 1password 7 deal considering that I've used it for 4 years now.

    like I said I'm still thinking if it is worth getting it for chrome compatibility, it is over time alot more expensive and I preferr to only get the updates that I need rather for the sake of updates being available that implements features that I really can't be bothered with.

    But I guess that this is how the business model looks like now (not yours alone), enforcing updates and features that very few loud speaking users demand and everyone else has to pay for it.

    at least you seem to do code optimization which never happens with companies like Adobe or Microsoft :)

  • I'm having the exact same problem. Using version 4 of 1Password as well. The browser extension does nothing... It feels as if 1Password is forcing us to upgrade. Not a good feeling, especially for us that are with 1Password since the beginning.

  • I'm having the same issue the last few days; I am using 1Password 4 on Windows, I have no issues updating to 7 other than I believe you have to subscribe to a subscription for that?

    I'm still somewhat annoyed about that, purchased 1Password as a standalone and now if I wanna get updates I have to go on a never ending subscription.

    I know it makes good business sense, but to the people that purchased 4 without knowing they were going to have to pay more and more and more in the future to get updates it's rather annoying.

  • @littlebobbytables "1Password 7 for both Mac and Windows do still support licences"

    How much is a standalone Windows license? I had a hard time finding any info on that on your site. And how long will you continue to support v7?

  • Hi @Keilor

    To be honest, if we forced users to upgrade, I wouldn't be working here. I'll quote one of my colleagues from a similar forum thread:

    Google recently updated Chrome's signing certificate starting with Chrome 72, which means 1Password 4 can no longer recognize it. We will not be updating 1Password 4 to address this. While we're happy to continue helping folks out with 1Password 4 and totally understand that not everyone will want to upgrade to 1Password 7, we need to keep looking forward from a development perspective. There will come various points as 1Password 4 ages where certain things will just stop working as the world changes around it. If you'd like to stick with 1Password 4, you still have options for saving and filling in other web browsers, but Chrome 72+ will only work with 1Password 7.

    @LilliZ, @cyphix333, @bluon: I understand that you might not like the subscription based model, which is why we have standalone licenses. A standalone license is $64.99, and can be purchased through the 1Password 7 app. When asked to subscribe, click the Need a license? We have those too link on that page. If you have any trouble upgrading, contact us and we'll help you out. :)

    And how long will you continue to support v7?

    While I can't give you a specific date, I think you could expect 1Password 7 to at least have the same running time as 1Password 4. Please note that even though we're not releasing any updates, we still offer customer support for 1Password 4, and the extension works with browsers other than Google Chrome.

    Let us know if you have further questions. :)

  • @LilliZ, @cyphix333, @bluon: I understand that you might not like the subscription based model, which is why we have standalone licenses. A standalone license is $64.99, and can be purchased through the 1Password 7 app. When asked to subscribe, click the Need a license? We have those too link on that page. If you have any trouble upgrading, contact us and we'll help you out. :)

    I didn't know you still offered standalone licenses, thanks for that :) However, it would be nice if you offered a discount for current license holders; I can't remember what I paid initially, but think it was $49 or something; why do I have to pay the same amount as someone else that hasn't purchased a license before? Many software companies offer discounts for things like this.

    Same thing could happen with V7 - buy that, and then have to pay full price for the next version :angry:

  • I agree with Cyphix333, getting a nice discount on the newest standaline version would be a decent thing to do. That's how it works with many other applications.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian

    Team Member
    edited February 12

    @cyphix333 @Daniel69: Thanks for voicing your opinions, I understand why you feel that way. While I can help get you settled into a 1Password membership and make the transition easier on your wallet, we can't offer discounts for the standalone version of 1Password.

    I'm sorry I'm not able to give you the answer you were looking for. <personal opinion> I hope you will consider a 1Password membership one day, as it truly is the best way to use 1Password, and that's coming from a person that isn't fond of subscriptions. </personal opinion>

  • I am having the same issue on my windows computer. The extension is working on chrome on my mac, just not on my windows computer. I sent in the diagnostics report and the support ID is #JPG-27827-217. Please advise as this is most inconvenient.

  • Hi there @Sibler. :) I've just checked the email you sent us, and it seems one of my colleagues replied to you. It looks like you're running 1Password 4, so the same response as my message above applies here as well.


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