BGR: "[...] acquisition talks underway" [Acquisition rumours false]


  • PatrickSPatrickS Junior Member

    Oh thank God. If that would‘ve been true, the Windows app would be dead.

    This tweet is like a second independence day for my Windows-iOS combo ;)

  • wkleemwkleem
    edited July 11

    Phew! That is a relief that the rumour is false. Apple did buy Authentec for its fingerprint reader to become TouchID beginning with the iPhone 5s.

  • I agree with Gruber :

    “The more I think about it, the weirder this story seems. Why would Apple encourage employees to use a third-party password manager — even a great one like 1Password — over the system Keychain? If the Keychain isn’t good enough they should make the Keychain better.”

    I leave Keychain Off on my devices though and use 1Password instead. Works well but it lacks integration for items like the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule.

  • @wkleem iCloud Keychain is off for me too. It’s a glorified browser password saver to me. 1Password does way more than Keychain also. It’s like comparing a bicycle to an automobile. Both will get you from point A to point B, but an automobile has a radio, AC, faster, carries more, and a lot more than a bicycle.

  • @prime, Both of us I believe are on El Capitan based Macs? Mojave is the latest version so I presume that there should be improvements to the iCloud Keychain but I cannot tell what they are since my Mac is incapable of running it.

    I am looking forward to iOS 12.

  • wkleemwkleem
    edited July 12

    Apple will be using the standalone version as they quickly found the subscription model unacceptable for them, confirming that OPVault (local vaults) is here to stay. For Apple anyway.

  • Well,
    1) it is kewl that a large enterprise like them will be using this (Is that part of the reporting true?)
    2) I hope you remain independent. While BGR is standing behind its reporting, what it means is that it is standing behind its source. I would be way disappointed if it ended up being true, but then again, we all know, the majority of users would shrug and the brand would pass to Apple.

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