Made transition to PW7 and have all duplicate entries in my vault. Have a backup

Can I replace a vault with a copy

1Password Version: 7.07
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.12.6
Sync Type: wlan
Referrer: forum-search:Made transition to PW7 and have all duplicate entries in my vault


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @gdalzell - sorry for the trouble, you definitely shouldn't have duplicated entries. In fact, before we go to backup solutions, can you let me know what you see if you open Preferences > Vaults? Is there only a single vault there, or something else?

  • Hi Lars,

    Sub listing "logo" Personal

    In the side bar is "All Vaults" has a subtotal of 2 Vaults which has duplicates of each listing
    Under "Gary Dalzell" is Personal that is correct, i.e. no duplicates
    Under "ON MY MAC" is Primary that is correct, i.e. no duplicates

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @gdalzell - yep, that's what I was suspecting. You created a account, and your data was migrated to the account. Assuming you want to keep the membership/account, all you need to do is (in that sidebar view you posted), click the Primary vault, then from the menubar at the top of your screen, choose Vault > Delete Primary Vault. That will leave you with only a single copy of all your data, all in your account. :)

  • Two days ago I upgraded from 1Password 6 to 1Password 7 and then created a account to help me populate a shared account.

    Now I have a Personal vault and a Dropbox "Primary" vault that are both the same.

    My Dilemma: I was maintaining the Dropbox file to allow me to sync between my iMac, my iPhone and my wife's iPhone in 1Password 6.
    Will the Dropbox and Primary vault both be updated when we update passwords on any device. I'm concerned that my whole program is going to get out of sync. What are the different options I have? I was hesitant to use the account because Dropbox just seems to work so well for me.


  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, @tommigdal! If you and your wife both want to use 1Password on multiple devices, then a 1Password Families account is what you'll want to use. It allows for up to five people in the same family, but even with only two people, it's less expensive than two individual accounts and much less than purchasing multiple licenses for multiple users across multiple platforms. If you've got an Individual account, you can invite people by just clicking the "Invite People" link in the sidebar of your account, in a browser. If you've already got a 1Password Families account, great! Just make sure you invite your wife and you should be all set.

    You do NOT need the Dropbox vault, if you've migrated your data from your original vault into your account -- which it sounds like you did. Syncing is actually faster and more stable with a account, because we're able to control both ends of the sync. With Dropbox we (like every other developer who uses Dropbox) have to make use of Dropbox's API which is by definition more generic and limited. With, we designed a purpose-built sync engine that focuses on syncing only your 1Password data, not photos of your cat, or Excel spreadsheets or your vacation videos. Just your 1Password data.

    Make sure you invite your wife so she has her own Private vault -- you'll both have access to the Shared vault -- and you should be all set! Let us know if you have any questions. :)

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