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I have been seeing a strange error message and some strange behavior since 7.0.5 and 10.13.5
Sometimes when I login to 1password after I wake up my computer from sleep, the last webpage I used 1password with on safari loads.
The other times I get, "There is no application set lo open the URL app://com.agilebits.onepassword-osx"
This has been happening since at least july 6 when the previous versions of OS and app were out.
Still seeing the same behavior with the latest everything.

1Password Version: 7.0.7
Extension Version: 4.7.1
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: null


  • Yes, I'm seeing this too.

  • AGKyleAGKyle AgileSupport

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    Hi @johntighi and @geoff_burnett

    Any chance you guys might be using Notes or some other app that shows previews?

    Having "app://" at the front tells me it's probably not something that we're trying to access but potentially another app trying to do something with 1Password.

    Could you tell me more about when this occurs? Note any particular apps that are always open when this happens? We've seen in the past that some apps, like Notes, if you drag something from 1Password into it you may get a URL from it that the Notes app tries to open for preview purposes which can cause 1Password to do things that are unexpected (like open despite the user not wanting it to open).

    This is just a series of guesses, but the error message doesn't tell us enough to really help here. So it's a bit of troubleshooting to see if we can figure out what might be causing this dialog to appear. If we can figure out which app is making it appear we could try to narrow down to what exactly it's doing.

  • This happens when I wake up my computer from sleep and unlock 1Password7.

  • I usually unlock 1password7 before I do anything else.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    If you restart your Mac do you see this happen when you log in?


  • I will let you know the next time I restart the computer.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @johntighi - sounds good! :):+1:

  • Just so that you know. It happens all the time. It happens after a reboot, but I don't know if it happens immediately after.
    Even though it happens all the time, there are times when nothing happens. 90-95% either a web page opens or the app error happens.
    It should be noted that it is the same web page when the web page opens. No exceptions.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @johntighi - thanks for the update. What webpage is it, if you don't mind posting that here?

  • It’s the same webpage every time. My bank main page. It should be noted that I never use safari to access my bank. I use a different browser. I don’t want to tell everyone here who my bank is, but it has a horse a carage as it’s logo.
    Additionally, if I quit my browser completely, 1Password7 will open safari and go to the page. It does NOT auto fill the login information.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    In macOS's System Preferences > Users and Groups > Your user account > Login Items can you please check and see if you have 1Password listed there? It should not be. If it is please remove it. I'd also suggest looking for any other oddities there... if you want to email us a screenshot of that screen so we can review it we can move this conversation to email. Please email us at [email protected]. When you do you'll get a support ID back from BitBot. Please post that ID here.



  • johntighijohntighi
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    ref: IPL-59317-327

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @johntighi - thanks; one of us should be with you shortly. :)

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    ignore this

  • brentybrenty

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  • AGKyleAGKyle AgileSupport

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    Do either of you use any tab restoration features in your browser of choice?

    Also, if you open 1Password and search for "com.agilebits" in the search bar. Do you find any results for "app://com.agilebits.onepassword-osx" in the Websites section? They'll likely be Password items if you find them at all.

    1. When I quit out of safari, I will typically go to history-> "reopen all windows from last session".
      This will open everything including windows and tabs.

    2. Yes, I found app://... in a number of website logins. I am sure one of those was causing that error.
      I am seeing a lot of these in the login section. They are all related to 1password and 1password7.
      It looks like the last time I changed a password, it put "app://.." in the login section

  • Now on to figuring when this "feature" happens. I have figured out when this happens.
    safari is my default browser, I use it for 85% of my web traffic.
    I do not use safari for things like banking. I use a different browser for banking and other things.

    The last login is the issue.
    I can reproduce the "feature" every time this way.

    1. login to a website using a non-default browser. any browser will cause the behavior.
    2. then logout of that website
    3. then put my computer to sleep.
    4. wake computer from sleep,
    5. login to 1password7 before doing anything else ( it doesn't matter if 5-10 minutes go by)
    6. whatever website I went to on the non-default browser will load on safari.

    I can also make the last login load happen if I lock 1password7 and unlock it instead of steps 3-4 from above.

    If I login using my default browser safari, then the last login page load does not happen.

  • AGKyleAGKyle AgileSupport

    Team Member


    I've tried these steps (with the lock/unlock steps, not sleep) and was not able to duplicate this behavior using Chrome (default is Safari). Not sure if this means it's something unique to your setup or whether I am potentially doing something different than you are.

    Does the site you are logging into have a website URL with the app:// in front?

    Are you initiating the login to the website in step number 1 via Open & Fill?

  • I do not have chrome installed on my system. never installed. I have seen the behavior with firefox and vivaldi.
    When I login, I use the "cmd-\" to get the login and password. I rarely use "right click - select"

    I have removed all of the app:// from 1password7 login . It was clear to me that safari was trying to load this.

  • It happens when I use the keystroke "cmd \".

    I shall revise my steps.

    1. unlock 1password7
    2. open non-default browser. tested with firefox, vivaldi, and opera
    3. login somewhere using the keyboard shortcut "cmd \"
    4. logout
    5. quit out of the browser ( this is important )
    6. lock 1password7
    7. unlock 1password7 again ( this should cause the default browser to load the last login)
      what will happen is the login page from step 3 above will load in the default browser.

    in step 3 if you use "right click -> 1password -> fill" the last login default browser behavior does not happen.
    also, if you omit step 5 then the last login default browser does not happen.
    If on step 5, you leave the login page up, when logging into 1password7, the username and password will auto fill.
    if you close the browser but not quit the browser the behavior will not happen.

  • johntighijohntighi
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    I have verified that the last login behavior will happen with the default browser too.
    For the following steps I am assuming 1password7 is already running before step 1.

    1. open safari
    2. login somewhere using the keyboard shortcut "cmd \"
    3. logout
    4. quit safari
    5. lock 1password7
    6. unlock 1password7

    safari will be started and the last login page will open

    I have also verified the following
    If you leave safari running, but go to the last login page then lock 1password7, when you unlock 1password7 it will auto fill the login and password.

    Those steps would look like this.
    1. open safari
    2. login somewhere using keyboard shortcut "cmd \"
    3. logout
    4. go to login page from step2 but do not log in
    5. lock 1password7
    6. unlock 1password7 ( at this point the login and password will autofill )

  • @johntighi I followed the first set of steps you laid out so carefully in your previous post and can confirm the very odd bug. In my case after your first step 6 the old Safari login opened in a new tab in Firefox (which was running throughout the whole of your steps).

    There is very clearly a bug.

    In case it helps I'm using 1Password 7.1.BETA-1, Firefox 61.0.1 as my default browser, with the 1Password extension, and I use the standalone version of 1Password with WLAN sync. I'm running macOS 10.13.6.

    Somebody else reported this but nobody from AgileBits seemed able to reproduce it at the time. I'll add a message to that thread to put the original poster out of his misery!


  • AGKyleAGKyle AgileSupport

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    Alright, I was able to replicate this... filing a bug report and we'll take a look when we can.

    ref: apple-1955

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