Upgrade to version 7 single license from version 6?


How do I Upgrade to version 7 single license from version 6?
How do I tell where I bought it from - app store or your site? - (get info says Agilebits store)
How much is the upgrade?
Is it better to buy v7 from you or the App store?
I would like to be able to use it on a few macs - what is best for that?

1Password Version: 6.89
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: sierra
Sync Type: Not Provided



  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @dealtek

    You can read about the 1Password 7 upgrade and the options available for doing so here:

    1Password 7 for Mac: The Best Ever - AgileBits Blog

    If you'd like to use 1Password on multiple devices I'd highly recommend 1Password membership. You can learn more about upgrading to a membership here:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


  • dealtekdealtek
    edited July 2018

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the help.

    For now, I don't want the membership - just the standalone app.
    what is the upgrade cost from v6 to v7 for standalone? where is the url for me to see pricing for THIS?

    • what is the difference from buying on the APP store or from your site?
  • BenBen AWS Team

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    For now, I don't want the membership - just the standalone app.

    Understood. :)

    what is the difference from buying on the APP store or from you site?

    1Password 7 isn't sold through the App Store except for via 1Password membership.

    what is the upgrade cost from v6 to v7 for standalone? where is the url for me to see pricing for THIS?

    It is in the blog post that I linked. :)

    "Those of you with a standalone license for version 6 will be prompted to subscribe or purchase a license when 1Password 7 first opens. Licenses will cost $64.99 but are available during our launch special for only $49.99. Licenses are per-person, per-platform so you can use your single license on as many Macs as you have. 1Password 7 for Windows will be released next week as a separate purchase." (1Password 7 for Windows is now available)


  • Ok cool - how long will the launch special go for?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I couldn't say. Dave initially said that he expected it to last about a week, and that was over a month ago. :) So your guess is as good as mine at this point but it certainly won't last forever.


  • where is download link for 1P v7?

  • thanks - i upgraded and love it!

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that. :)


  • tjcartertjcarter Junior Member

    I started using 1Password before version 2. I just upgraded to Mojave and 1P 7. I even beta tested 1P 4-6 for you, although after 6 was released I stopped because for awhile I was mostly a Linux user. I've used Dropbox to keep my vault in sync since before there was official Dropbox sync support, and I've resisted creating a 1password.com account because I did not want my data locked into something I didn't control.

    I expected 6 to have been a paid upgrade, was surprised 5 wasn't. I know you guys need more than one-time purchase to keep the lights on. That 1P 7 is $65… Okay, I am not surprised after the past several upgrades have been free and I didn't upgrade early since I wasn't using Mojave yet … Totally would've paid it. But 1P 8 will be another $65 in another year. It's absolutely clear that you're trying to force people into 1password.com subscriptions. That upon upgrade, 1P ceased to actually fill logins until I either paid the $65 or got an account kinda speaks volumes about that.

    So I created an account, but I've now got a strong incentive to evaluate alternatives.

  • MeekMeek

    Team Member

    Hey @tjcarter, thank you so much for being such a long-time 1Password user, and I'm really sorry for the frustration. I really hope that you enjoy the 1Password account - we absolutely believe it is the best way to use 1Password. If you haven't seen it yet, here are all the awesome benefits that you get with your membership now:


    If you have anymore questions, please let us know.

  • For me as really long time 1Password user this price philosophy was reason to change to Enpass. Good bye...

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    Okay. Best of luck, and if you change your mind we'll be here and happy to help. :+1:


  • @Ben

    Thank you! If you change your price philosophy I'll be back :-)

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member
    edited January 2019

    @aktivoamt - you're quite welcome. I wouldn't expect that to change for the foreseeable future. There have always been free alternatives to 1Password, and we've never attempted to compete with those offerings on price, because neither we nor anyone else can beat free on price alone. That's particularly true since well over 100 people work here every day to bring you the experience you've come to enjoy, and so we price 1Password sustainably so we can continue to do that for the long term. If your - or anyone's - primary or sole consideration for a password manager is what it costs, we're probably not going to be the best fit for you. But as long as you're not using sticky notes on your monitor or re-using the same password everywhere, we'll be happy. Stay safe out there! :)

  • I'm using an older version of 1Password on mac (standalone license) and recently purchased a new mac, which now has version7 of 1password. I'm in read only mod now on my new mac (with 1password7). I understand that I can upgrade to new license and that is an option. If I were to do a subscription my old data will work ? It was asking for a new master password when I tried that option. Since I already have a master password, I didn't know what to do. Please advice. Thanks!

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @sjacob

    Yes, you can migrate your data to a 1Password membership. You'll need to do that on the old Mac that has your data on it. Instructions can be found here:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    There are instructions at the bottom of that page that are important: signing in on other devices (such as your new Mac) and removing the Primary vault from all devices. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


  • I can totally get that you are looking to switch to a sustainable business model. However don't you think that from 6 to 7 upgrade (standalone) could be a little less than $65? I love using 1password (iOS,MacOS,Windows) and would like to stay with you guys though i fear that will end up hitting "take it or leave it" wall.



  • Hi @Volksthe6,

    1Password for Mac and 1Password for Windows (separate licences) are currently still available for $49.99 USD (excluding and state or country specific tax). I cannot make any guarantees how long it will remain although it has been much longer than most of us expected. It is very unlikely that it will be available for any less than this though. For somebody wishing to use 1Password on both macOS and Windows it would mean basically $100 USD and the licences are per person with no family option available as we have had in the past. For a family we genuinely do believe the 1Password account is a better option but I do understand some may not agree with that belief.

  • MJDFW2019MJDFW2019
    edited August 2019

    Gents - I posted this question on another thread, just want to make sure it gets seen / responded to. :-)

    What is the cost for a stand alone license for:
    1) Version 7 MacOS
    2) Latest version for iOS

    Current running latest version 6 on MacOS, and most current iOS version.

    I'm comfortable using dropbox etc. as my sync method....just would like to know the precise cost for stand alone versions of the above 2 OS's.

    Thank you so much!

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    There is no need to open multiple threads or comments to make sure you get a reply, we reply to everyone. Indeed, I have just replied on the other thread you opened :)

  • Thank you! Happy Saturday! 8-)

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Thank you, happy Saturday to you too! :)

  • I'm so sad that 1Password does not exist as a standalone with a safari extension any more (I'm using Catalina since yesterday). I'll have the need to use something else instead. We had a great time "1Password".... R.I.P.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @toro_zabelin

    That's simply not true. :) You can buy a 1Password 7 for Mac standalone license right now for $50 USD + tax (regularly $65 USD + tax). The purchase is made within the 1Password 7 app. v7 is compatible with Safari. That said, membership is very likely to provide a better value.


  • ok. I'll check and make a decision then. Did not find that option... thx.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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  • edited August 2019

    well, @Ben I'll need your help:
    1) I downloaded and installed 1P7 and now the login into version 7 does not work. I see, the old version 6 is in a zip after the install... that one works and I am able to log in there. Maybe that account is frozen? Maybe I used a different password last time - while I was testing the Version 7-app? Account says: 30 days trial left.
    2) I can't find the option to buy it as standalone within my account in the website. So maybe it's within in the 1P7-App - but as I mentioned, I don't get into that app right now.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    It sounds like there are a couple things going on with that:

    1. You may have signed up for a 1Password account (subscription membership).
    2. 1Password 7 is already set up in some form of fashion.

    To reset 1Password 7 to scratch so that you can purchase a license select Help > Troubleshooting > Reset All 1Password Data. This will bring you back to the welcome screen. At that screen, toward the bottom, you'll see a link: "need a license? We have those too." Click that to be taken through the purchase. If you have signed up for a membership that you do not want you can delete that (and all data in it) by following the prompts here:


    Please let me know how it turns out.


  • yes. It worked. Now I also see the option to buy the standalone. Thank you!

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