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Hi team,

Nick from Brex here - we're a corporate credit card company. One of our cardholders is having a transaction declined on your site:

Hoping you can help us understand what's happening here, as this transaction is not even hitting our system. This gentleman has a very high credit limit, and there shouldn't be an issue.

It's fairly urgent as he is a high net worth individual and a top executive at his company

Thank you,


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    @brexnick: I don't believe I've seen that error before, but all of that is handled by the payment processor, Stripe, which you may have heard of. Unfortunately, as you can probably imagine, account and payment details are not something that should be discussed in a public forum. We also cannot discuss this with you if you're not the account holder. If you'll have them email us at [email protected] from their account's registered email address we'll be happy to look into it though. And if you or they can post the Support ID received in response here, I'll be happy to take a look as soon as I see it.

    ref: WRE-46117-957

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