So is Apple REALLY not buying 1Password ? Why no further confirmation on the blog or from the CEO ?


So first of all I LOVE YOU GUYS. I've been using your product for years (this is a temporary account i made just to ask that question as i never had a problem before) and for me there's NO CONTEST: you guys are the best.

And that's because 1Password and the team behind it at AgileBits is so good that many 1Password users on forums, my friends and myself are concerned about the recent rumor concerning Apple possibly buying 1Password.

I know that there was an official statement on Twitter from 1Password, but it was really... light. I quote, "Rumours of my acquisition are completely false. My humans and I are happily independent and plan to remain so".

In many people's opinion, that's vague and quite worring. Here why:

  • It's poken at the third person and doesn't feel like a firm statement.

  • Remaining independent has nothing to do with not being owned by another company. Look at TunnelBear, they're owned by McAfee, yet they are still independant in the sense as they operate in their own office more or less the same as before.

  • It doesn't bring any light on the 123.000 licenses sold to Apple. Is that part true or is it a rumor as well ? And why the secrecy ?

Please understand that i am not trying to make you guys look bad, but i think many of your fans would be relieved if a more official statement was made. Especially Windows and Android users, as being owned by Apple would possibly mean abandonning these platforms.

Thank you so much for reading me, you guys are AWESOME, and that's why i really hope we can get something more official about this (a word from the CEO, a statement on the blog, etc...)

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  • Jeff ShinerJeff Shiner AgileBits Admin

    Team Member


    Thanks so much for the kind words :)

    Any rumour of our acquisition is just that, a rumour, and an incorrect one at that. In general we try not to respond to rumours. That said, I can confirm that AgileBits has always been an independent, privately owned company and am happy to say that we have no plans to change that.

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