Charged within trial days. Please give me refund.

I started a free trial of 30 days on 11 July 2018 and I was charged the fee of AN ENTIRE YEAR. Weeks ago I have deleted this app on my iPhone because I didn't think it's useful for me. But today still in 10 July 2018 in Chile, I received a email saying that I was charged a while year!! WITHOUT any notice! I am very angry about this. Please the staff give an explanation and give my money back!!!

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    @xpy: I'm sorry for the confusion. It's August. There are only 30 days in July, and the trial is 30 days, so that would account for the misunderstanding. Anyway, I see that you've also contacted us separately via email, and that Cecilia is helping you there, so I'll close this to avoid additional confusion due to carrying on the conversation in multiple places at once. :)

    ref: VXP-23262-444

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