Feature Request: Easier way to use op to get a username and/or password into a command

I'd like to request a drastically easier use case for getting a username and/or password from a login item.

I'm not a bash guru, so forgive me if there is a trivial way to solve this, but I'm looking for a very simple way to use op to input my password in an ssh command.

By "very simple" I mean not having to do a long pipe into a set variable, use the variable in the ssh command, then clear the variable afterwards. Nor do I want to write a super long op | jq pipe just to get my password into an ssh command.

As this is my primary use case for op CLI, I'd like a syntax like "op get-password ITEM-NAME" and "op get-username ITEM-NAME". I love the flexibility of the JSON output, and do use it occasionally, but a simpler syntax would make life easier 99% of the time.

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