Unlock with Iris on Face ID request.

Hello, i have an issue with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 1Password. Samsung has a mode called Dex where i insert my phone in a dock and it goes in desktop mode. When i'm using 1Password in Dex mode i have no access to the fingerprint reader and every time i need to unlock it i must insert the password typing it.... would make a lot more sense if i could chose to unlock 1Password with the Iris reader or any other biometric of choice supported by my phone.

Is it something you guys could look into?




  • brentybrenty

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    @Naxxy: We don't currently have plans to support specific vendors' proprietary biometrics, but if Google introduces official APIs for it in the future (or adds support for it as part of what is now known as Nexus Imprint) there's a pretty good chance we'll support that.

  • @brenty Ok thanks for the explanation.

  • brentybrenty

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    Sure thing! I do hope we can do something in this area in the future, even if the time may not be right just yet. :)

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