3.9.1 Import Issues

I've experienced some unpleasantness while exporting to multiple a 1Password Interchange Files and importing them back in to 1Password.

Software Exchange File (Software EF) - Only software information entries
Mixed Exchange File (Mixed EF) - Logins and one software information entry

On a clean agilekeychain, if I imported Sofware EF (which showed up in the UI), then imported the Mixed EF, all the software information entries from the Software EF would be cleared and only the one entry from the Mixed EF showed up. If I re-imported the Software EF again, they would return. This is the only way I could get them both imported and showing up.

On a clean agilekeychain, if I imported the Mixed EF (everything shows up fine in the UI), then the Software EF, the Software entries would never show up.

I've reproduce this a couple of times.

Also, it's very odd that you allow software entries to be exported as text files, but importing text files only can import to Login and Secure Notes.

It would also be very nice to offer an import option from the database you can backup from the iPhone/iPad apps. I had some entries that were only on my iPad, and I had no way to get them to 1Password on my Mac since I redid my agilekechain on my Mac (which breaks dropbox sync). On a side note, redoing your agilekeychain could be handled a lot more smoothly on both the Mac and the iOS apps. When I redid my agilekeychain on my one machine, I pretty much had to blow out the ~/Library/Containers folder on all my other Macs and re-install my browser extensions to get them to recognize the new agilekeychain. On the iOS apps, I had to completely delete and re-install the iPad app to clear out the old database. On the iPhone app, when it detects the database has changed on dropbox, it tells you to delete the database (which you can). It would be nice if you could just hit a button and have it clear out the database for you and redownload the new one, instead of rebooting the app and having to redo your dropbox credentials each time (sorry for the rant).
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