Can't go back after opening an image in the app

I just downloaded an image from and viewed it in the app. The problem is, the back-arrow closes 1Password, so there's no way to go back from the image viewer (if that's the correct name for it).
You have to quit the app completely and restart it.

1Password Version: 7.0 Beta21
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 8.1, August sec. patch
Sync Type:


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    @Manaburner: Hmm. This is interesting. I think it may come down to differences between our setups. As far as I can tell, 1Password for Android does not have the capability of opening images itself. When I download one saved as a Document in my account, I'm prompted to open it in another app. Have you maybe set an app as the default, so that it's automatically opening, and then you just think it's 1Password closing? Even with other files that 1Password can open itself, I have a ← back arrow at the top of the screen (separate from the system <| back button at the bottom) to return to the item's details in 1Password. Let me know what you find.

  • @brenty I also have the back-arrow on the top left of my screen, but it closes 1Password when I press it. When opening an image, it looks like the "image viewer" is loading inside 1Password, almost like the Safari View Controller in iOS apps. But there's no way to swipe it away or close it to get back into 1Password itself.

    I am not prompted to open the image in another app, although I have not defined (at least judging from what I could find) a default image viewer for 1Password.

    I don't know if this is helpful but, when opening an image and pressing the info button at the bottom, I see "content://com.agilebits.onepasspassword.fileprovider/documents/SomeEncryptedStuff/My_Image.jpg"

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    @Manaburner: Thanks for the additional details. I'm also running Android 8.1 here, and the back arrow at the top definitely doesn't close 1Password. What device are you using? It sounds like there may be some customizations that are affecting this for you.

    What do you see in Settings > Apps & Notifications > (Advanced) Default Apps? I don't really have much there, so I'm prompted to choose each time I try to open files like images, etc. I'm only seeing a similar location listed when viewing an image in an external app, like Photos.

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    @Manaburner: Wait, I think I can reproduce what you're seeing. Like you describe, when I tap the back arrow in the app where I chose to open the image, it drops me on the home screen — in this case, Photos. But Android seems to be treating this like it's 1Password for some reason, i.e it doesn't show Photos at all in the app switcher, though selecting Help gives me help info for Photos... Weird. And I think this only happens with Google Photos, so you might have that set as default (let me know if you don't). It doesn't make sense to me as a user either, but I think we may have identified the API involved and we'll see what we can do to work around this quirk. In the mean time, force quitting the app works to open 1Password again. Thank you for reporting this!

    ref: android-227

  • @brenty I'm using a Nokia 6 (2018) aka Nokia 6.1

    What do you see in Settings > Apps & Notifications > (Advanced) Default Apps?

    My OS language is German, so I hope this translates:
    I see:
    "Assistant & Voice Input" -> Google
    Browser App -> none
    Start-App -> Launcher3
    Default Phone App -> Phone
    SMS-App -> Messages
    Mobil Payment -> Google Pay

    Then I have a sub-menu called "open links" which has a lot of entries, but afaics none related to opening images.

  • @brenty That's exactly what I'm seing yes.

  • @brenty To verify, I have deactivated Google Photos. Now, if I want to open an image from inside 1Password, I get an error message saying "No default app to open this file type (image/png) available)."
    However I don't get a prompt asking if I want to use a different app.

    So although there's no entry in the settings for it, Google Photos seems to be the default image viewer.

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    @Manaburner: Ah, yep. If you don't have other apps installed that can view images, it would open in Photos by default in that case — not prompt you since there's no other option. I think we're on the same page now. Thanks for letting me catch up. :lol: We're looking into a way to work around this. The difficulty is we need to be careful with how files are handled, since we don't want something you've stored in 1Password to keep it secure to end up being saved to disk unencrypted by some other app.

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