Moving password to new Mac and from 6.8 to 7

I have an existing version of 1password on my old Mac that is running 6.8. It works great and I am able to edit/change my logins, etc. I just bought a new Mac and downloaded 1password 7 from the agile bits site. I am able to open it and see my logins/data, but it says "read only" when I try to change and update the credentials for one of my logins. I don't know my old license number for my original 1password purchase. With the move to v7, is a subscription necessary to use it going forward even though I already paid for a legacy license?

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS 10.13.6
Sync Type: icloud


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    Welcome to the forum, @bt1! No, you're not required to subscribe to a membership in order to use 1Password 7 for Mac (though we definitely recommend it for the vast majority of users). But 1Password 7 for Mac does require that you purchase a standalone license, if you don't want a subscription. The only people who are "grandfathered" into version 7 are people who purchased version 6 since March 27 of this year. For everyone else, your choice is a license or a membership. You can also download and install version 6 on your new Mac, but I don't recommend that as any kind of long-term solution. A lot of people are still using version 6 because they just haven't upgraded yet or are on hardware that won't allow them to use version 7...but with the release of 1Password 7 for Mac, version 6 has been moved to legacy status and will not receive further development attention.

    Particularly if you have a family who also want to use 1Password, there are a number of advantages to a membership. If you decide to purchase a standalone license, you can do so by just clicking the Read Only button you mentioned and following the prompts. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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