Multiple vaults on Android [1Password accounts support this]

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Hi. I'm sure this questions has been asked already but I recently moved all my work passwords to a vault of their own on my Windows 10 desktop 1Password app. But I don't see them on my Android phone (Note 9).
Is there a way to access both vaults on my Android phone or is the only workaround that I share rather than move the work passwords to the work vault?

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  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @Poita. :)

    Syncing and accessing multiple standalone vaults (through Dropbox or WLAN) isn't supported on Android. You can only sync the Primary vault. However, it is possible to sync multiple vaults with a hosted 1Password account. If you're using an account, you can certainly access both.

    If you're using the standalone version, however, you'll only be able to access the data in the Primary vault on Android.

  • Hi Peri.

    thanks for your reply but I don't understand it.

    What has Dropbox got to do with 1password?
    And I don't even know what WLAN is.
    Also, I don't know what 'hosted 1password account' means.

    I have the 1password desktop app on my Windows 10 pc and the 1password app on my Android phone.

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Sorry, let me explain, @Poita. Dropbox and WLAN sync are ways to sync in 1Password for Android. If you're syncing using either of these methods, multiple vaults are not supported.

    A hosted 1Password account refers to an account subscription at Do you have one of these? If so, then multiple vaults are indeed supported. That said, I see that you have emailed us as well. I replied to your email with more information yesterday. Please take a look and let me know if that helps!

  • Do you eventually plan to implement this feature in the standalone version of 1Password for Android to sync multiple vaults?

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @Desentyer. We do not have plans to support multiple standalone vaults on Android at the moment. Of course we never say never, but our focus is right now.

  • So you support the feature on IOS and not on Android to be able to link in more than on vault from DropBox. And you can have more than one vault from DropBox and also have your 1password account linked on IOS and not on Andriod.

  • brentybrenty

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    That's correct. 1Password for iOS supports multiple local vaults. It has been around for a decade, and also has the benefit of code from 1Password for Mac, which has been around even longer.

    But if you had meant that 1Password for Android does not support multiple accounts, it does, with or without a local vault.

  • Holy cow. I can't believe the Android version does not support multiple local vaults via Dropbox when the iOS version does. So much for using this among our family members (who use both iOS and Android). I guess we will look for something else.

  • To me, it seems like a basic feature that is very powerful and it is missing in Android to use Dropbox for vault storage for more than one. Creating vaults to manage site accounts that you can have for personal and work was a great solution.

    IE: lucidchart, redHat, atlassian, google and etc

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    I don't disagree. But the Android app is only about 3 years old, whereas we've been working on the iOS app since the last decade. And since 1Password accounts already support multiple vaults "out of the box", and there have been relatively few requests for multiple local vaults, I don't see us rebuilding the app just for that. Sorry. :(

  • You noted multiple local vaults. I am referencing how from the IOS App you can support more than one vault from DropBox, but on Android, you can use one vault from Dropbox.

    Do you treat the integration to DropBox as local vaults on IOS and Android?
    If you create multiple vaults on your 1password account can you link more than one vault from the 1password account to IOS, Android, Mac and Windows using that same 1password account?

    Looking for a solution that will let me keep some things separate and still have access to the accounts via different values.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    You noted multiple local vaults. I am referencing how from the IOS App you can support more than one vault from DropBox, but on Android, you can use one vault from Dropbox. Do you treat the integration to DropBox as local vaults on IOS and Android?

    @bbya: Yes, those are local vaults. Dropbox just acts as a sync service. I'm sorry for confusing things. Any AgileKeychain or OPVault is a local vault, in the sense that they are created and managed on device, not as database objects that live in encrypted cloud storage; and also because they can be used entirely offline, never syncing (though that's a rare use case nowadays).

    If you create multiple vaults on your 1password account can you link more than one vault from the 1password account to IOS, Android, Mac and Windows using that same 1password account? Looking for a solution that will let me keep some things separate and still have access to the accounts via different values.

    Absolutely! With 1Password accounts, all of the vaults are hosted and managed on the server, so any setup in the account are available automatically when signing in on a device. I definitely appreciate being able to separate things in different vaults, not only for organization, but for sharing certain ones with my family, for example. I could always see a use case for that, but even though 1Password supported multiple vaults sync'd through Dropbox when I was using iOS full time, I basically stuck to a single vault because -- let's be honest -- configuring each vault's syncing across multiple devices is a huge pain. That's why multiple vaults was such a niche feature, and why our relatively young Android app (and the previous Windows app) didn't support it. It just asked a lot of the user; whereas a lot more people seem to be using multiple vaults now with 1Password accounts because it's just so much easier. It's made a huge difference for me -- and I never could have gotten my family to share multiple vaults otherwise. :lol:

  • Hi, I don't have much to add, besides being one more person who would like to have the ability to sync multiple vaults via DropBox on Android. The reason I made a second vault is to use as an archive, as suggested in this Q/A, because there is no feature to 'archive' or hide old passwords, etc while keeping them in the same vault. But now I see I can't access that archive from my phone, which is a bummer. So if either an in-vault archive feature or the ability to sync multiple vaults via DropBox on Android was added, then there would be a working solution to the issue of archiving old pws.

    If theres a count for how many users have requested either of these features, please add 1 to each of them on my behalf. Thanks

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @jonahjonah: Well, on the plus side, if it's not on your phone, it's effectively hidden. :lol:

    But in all seriousness, we don't have plans to redo our local vault support on Android, or add support for additional 3rd party sync services. I know you didn't mention the latter, but they're related in that 1) we do get request for both, 2) it isn't a lot, and 3) working on those would mean not working on improving our software and service is ways that would help even more people. I'm sorry that's not the response you probably want to hear, but I don't want to give you false hope. :blush:

    1Password memberships allow for a better better experience and more flexibility, so that's our focus. If you'd like to transition to that, be sure to shoot me an email at [email protected] and post the Support ID you receive here so I can help. :)

  • I took the time to create an account JUST to comment on this. What a horrible service. I wanted to mention that I switched from iOS to Android and was extremely disappointed that you guys don't support this feature. I am already looking for alternatives to 1Password as I can't access my work vault from my phone. Bummer as it has served me well over the years. But well, change is always good (?)

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @guillew. Thanks for reaching out. As Brenty mentioned above, multiple vaults are supported with 1Password memberships. We don't have plans to support multiple standalone vaults on Android, as our focus is on memberships at the moment. I'm sorry to hear that you're looking for alternatives, but I recommend considering a 1Password membership as an alternative to the standalone version.

  • Hi folks,

    I decided to migrate from iOS to Android last week (after being on iOS since the iPhone 3G). Let's not get in to why. However, the lack of multiple Android vaults is causing me enormous pain. I was hoping someone at AgileBits (@peri?) could suggest a new workflow given the limitations of Android version.

    I have multiple 1Password vaults on Dropbox: My main personal vault, an "archive" vault, a "migration" vault (all the passwords from my old password manager from before 2014, which believe it or not still occasionally get looked up and migrated), and typically a vault for each company I do work for who do not provide their own password manager (or use a crappy one that I can't stand). In addition, I have at least one, and usually two or more 1Password accounts for various work uses if a company provides them. Additionally, the work 1Password accounts in my personal Dropbox are shared with a "work Dropbox" account so I can sync my 1Password vault to my work computer(s), which otherwise have none of my personal information in them. I can then run the 1Password on that work computer.

    This all works fine on Mac, Windows and iOS. (Have not tried Linux yet, but frankly I will likely migrate away from Mac next to Windows but probably not to Linux, thanks to Mac's terrible keyboards. This post, e.g., had me delete countless doubled D's in writing it.)

    Android is now killing me.

    What would you suggest is my workflow for this use case, that will entirely prevent any possible information sharing between vaults when I need to access "work" vaults on "work" computers, but "all vaults" on all my personally owned devices?


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @AgileByte: I'm sorry to hear that your Android transition has been less than seamless. I'd suggest upgrading to a 1Password membership, since that has multiple vaults built right into the account, and because you'd need that to use 1Password X on Linux as well -- that runs entirely in the browser (Firefox or Chrome/-based), so it works on Windows and macOS too and there's no app necessary for that. That would fit your use case and get you a ton of additional benefits over what you've been using -- like automatic offsite backup and item history, with no sync setup (which I'm sure you know is a bit of a chore with multiple Dropbox vaults and multiple devices) and all apps and updates included.

    More specifically, it sounds like 1Password Teams might be the best fit, since then you could use a guest account to share a single "work" vault and have everything else accessible only to your "home" account. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to go into more detail if it helps!

  • @brenty
    Thank you for your response.

    I would be interested in learning more about these guest accounts please. Could I basically create a "MyWork1" guest and share a certain vault with that guest (with read/write access), but nothing else? I see that 1Password for Families also has guests. I usually will need 2-3 of these at any given moment, but always at least 1.

    Parenthetically, I have bought numerous licenses since 1Password 4 for several platforms, and so I am reticent to pay for a membership when I have already purchased the software multiple times and what I already have already meets the vast majority of my needs. Personal seems to be $36/year, and Teams is $48/year; Family is $60/year. Feels a bit steep when I recall having purchased the other licenses for prices around $50 several times already. Is there any discount available for previous license holders?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @AgileByte: Likewise, thanks for getting back to me! :)

    While guest accounts were originally designed to invite other people to share a vault within a company or family membership, a number of people have said they find them useful for what you had in mind: namely, separating business from personal data. You can get a general overview here:

    Share with guests in your team

    I suggested a 1Password Teams membership because that would actually be cheaper for this use case, and only need 1Password for yourself. it's about 4$US per month billed annually, and includes 5 guests at no additional cost. 1Password Families is only a dollar more, and includes 5 family members in the base price but only 2 guests. So, unless you'd be sharing the membership with your loved ones, it sounds like a team account would be the better fit, and also gives you the flexibility to invite colleagues with full control over permissions (which is simplified in family memberships).

    While older purchases do not apply toward a membership, as it's a fully hosted offering which includes all apps and updates, not just a specific version, I'd encourage you to reach out at [email protected] so we can see what we can do to help you make the transition. :)

  • Hi guys,

    Please add support for syncing (over WLAN) multiple standalone vaults on Android, same as iOS. I DO have a membership, but have some information which I prefer still syncing "offline", one of them being a work vault (we can't use 3rd party cloud sync).

    "Forcing" users use a feature which doesn't suit them because it's "a rare use case nowadays" isn't a very good excuse. I just purchased a family membership but will seriously consider not renewing if this isn't fixed!


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @jd2476: 1Password for Android supports WLAN Server for syncing, but only works with a single local vault. "Rare use case" isn't an excuse; it's reality: I have heard from dozens of users who wish 1Password for Android supported multiple local vaults, but you're the first I've had wanting to use that with WLAN. It's just not something we can justify putting development and testing resources into, given how little good it would do. I'm sorry that we're not able to support your specific use case, but we need to be realistic and pragmatic about where we put our resources. If there's something else out there that better meets your specific requirements, there's nothing wrong with using that. I'm not going to be able to offer you a solution that doesn't exist in 1Password. :blush:

    For what it's worth, most "3rd party cloud sync" does not give you control of your security, so I don't begrudge companies having policies against that. But I'd encourage you and/or the folks making decisions to read our security white paper to be able to make an informed decision about 1Password in particular. We never have the keys to anyone's data, and even so we put a lot more resources into securing our systems than you or most companies can afford to, because it's the only thing we do.

  • Hi Brenty,

    Thanks for your reply. While I fully appreciate what you're saying, and I don't know what the programming side would entail to allow two or more standalone vaults being synced (as they do on iOS) instead of only one, but it's a very reasonable feature request.

    It should be a feature for paid users only, which is absolutely fine. I use both Android and iOS and really need this functionality. I moved from Keepass to 1Password simply because of the ease of use especially on the sync side. With Keepass it was a tedious process manually copying .ldbx files between devices, but at least that was an option. With 1Password it doesn't seem to be an option to even manually copy the extra vaults which won't sync on Android.

    Where can we post feature requests, or at least have a vote for this one? How difficult could it be to change from "sync one" to "choose which to sync" as in iOS?

    I truly hope you will put the feature on your roadmap.


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Definitely a reasonable feature request, and you're in exactly the right place for that. But it's not something that we're going to be able to divert resources to, as that would mean not doing other things which will benefit many more 1Password users. Sorry. :blush:

  • That's fine, when would it be possible adding to the list and estimating the timeline?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    That's not possible.

  • Hi @1Password Team. After reading the posts in more threadsI really don't understand why the Android app hasn't been developped same way as IOS version supporting more than 1 vault / to open another instance without deleting the existing one. Some time ago Dropbox has established a new commercial policy not to support more than 3 synced devices and all the 1Password users are facing to the situation of syncing stopped on some owned devices. These users have to migrate the vault sync to another cloud solution. However it's not possible on Android version. Dropbox changed policy is totally ignored and still no Google Drive support exists yet. Wouldn't this be the right time finally to establish native Google Drive support for syncing? Or at least to enable opening another vault than the default one without resetting 1Password? It would be very helpful for everyone asking Google Drive support. Of course using 1Password account is possible but isn't proper solution for everyone.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Some time ago Dropbox has established a new commercial policy not to support more than 3 synced devices and all the 1Password users are facing to the situation of syncing stopped on some owned devices. These users have to migrate the vault sync to another cloud solution.

    In all honesty, you don't have to migrate to another cloud solution. Dropbox still supports as many devices as you want: the only change is that now only three are included in the free tier, but you already have the option to continue using Dropbox if you are happy with them. If you decide that you don't want to pay for that service, that is another story, and it's certainly your prerogative.

    To answer your question: in all fairness to you, however, we have no plans to support additional sync methods or techniques at the moment. We built exactly to avoid having to rely on a third-party service to sync your data. Our own sync service does not have any limitations whatsoever, and is the most optimized sync method for your 1Password data. Because of this, we think that it's the best option for our customers, and we prefer to put our development effort into making it the best we can.

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