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Addendum: My account is now "frozen" in both 1password6 (shouldn't be possible because I didn't buy it on a subscription plan, I paid up front) AND on 1password7, even though I just paid for a subscription.

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This has been the messiest and most frustrating transition I’ve ever experienced. It’s so messy and convoluted that I’m not even sure what’s happening anymore. This is WAY more complicated than it needs to be. To the development team at 1password: You guys have too many models with too many versions, with too many packages with too many accounts, with too little explanation, ESPECIALLY, when rolling out a new app. There is surprisingly little direct information online. Most of it assumes you know the various different options for using 1password. Please adopt a point and click ideology, or at least point to a url with ALL of the information in ONE place including a detailed explanation of the options (accounts, vaults, versions differences, mac store vs 1passowrd differences, licences etc….), AND an explanation as to how it differs from previous years, AND a detailed explanation how to migrate.

I am a mac user, on 1password 6, that I got from the mac store a while ago using a single payment license. At the time, the features available to the Apple store version were different to the same application downloaded from 1password’s website. Maybe that’s no longer the case today? I’m really not sure. So I wanted to move to the new 1password 7 platform, in addition to moving to a subscription model instead of a 1 time payment.

Thinking this whole thing would be a simple in-app purchase/upgrade, I downloaded the new 1password 7 from the Apple app store. Turns out I can’t select a payment other than the one associated with my apple account. From the sounds of things, this is Apple’s doing. Fine, so I try to uninstall using the 1password 7 directions, and It doesn’t work.

Unsure about how to migrate, I go to 1password website and click get started. Within seconds I’ve unintentionally created a new vault, moved all of my existing information to 1passwords website, and seemingly deleted my local personal vault (even though I didn’t click this option, when trying to log back into my old 1password app, it greets me as though I’m a new user). I NEVER CLICKED DELETE PERSONAL VAULT. It asked me to delete my vault, which I declined. Upon returning to my old 1password6 application after I set up my account, to find that it treats me as though I’m a new user; as if I had hit continue on the “delete your old local vault” option, even though I certainly did not.

I got freaked out by all of this talk about deletion of “old useless vault” and tried to export my data. The export option on the old 1password6 application was greyed out so I couldn’t export. After 10 minutes of hunting around, it appears I cant export from my newly created online account either. This is bad.

All I want is to continue my operation just like I was before: on a local vault which gets synced/backed up with iCloud. The only difference being I’d be on a 1password7 application, my old 1password6 application is deleted, and my license is a subscription model. This is not too much to ask

I’ve since decided it will be way easier to just use the Mac store version and deal with the payment problems separately.

This would be a lot easier to handle over the phone. Again, it’s so messed up I’m not even sure where to start.

Here’s what I want: to be using the mac store version of 1pw7 just as I was before with 1pw6, only now on a subscription model. I’d also like to uninstall 1pw6.

Here’s what I have: Two 1pw applications (1pw6/1pw7) both seemingly functional. Turns out I somehow was enrolled in a free trial of 1pw7…again, I NEVER signed up for that so I’m really unclear how that happened. I have an online account I never had before, and I’m unsure why. I have a new vault I don’t with duplicates of everything in my 1pw7 application (I guess one for iCloud, one for stuff stored on 1pw website)?

Here are a list of questions I’d like answered
• The export function is mysteriously working again. Why was it greyed out in the first place on both the 1pw6 application and the new online account
• What is the purpose of the online account? How does this differ from my personal vault on the application? Are they linked? I used to just use the application for storing everything, and backed up through iCloud. Does this new account mean I can access my 1pw by just logging on to a website? While convenient, this seems less secure. I’m not sure why my data needs to be stored in the application, on your website, and on iCloud.
• Why do I have 2 duplicated (I think) vaults now, I only want one. Why was I prompted to create a new vault
• What of my old vault? I don’t think it got deleted but I’m honestly not sure. Once this is all figured out, I only want one vault, my Primary vault
• Why was I prompted to delete my old vault in the first place? Why not just migrate the vault to the new application? You can’t just throw around the word “delete” when it comes to password data without giving a proper explanation as to what the hell is going on. Especially since I still haven’t officially paid for or upgraded to 1PW7, and at the time the export function was blocked. If I had pressed delete, it sounded like I could potentially loose everything.
• What’s the process of getting rid of my old vault? I’m not entirely sure that it is a duplicate of the new one since I’ve added credentials since all of this happened. So how do I make sure that the new vault is a perfect duplicate of the old vault
• Is the website account I set up the only means of backup 1PW7 offers? What happened to iCloud? How do I get the old data off of iCloud then? I don’t want a bunch of un-synced data across multiple platforms.
• I have a new credential saved called “1password account migration". What is this? Do I need to do something with it? I don’t want it to sit in my vault in perpetuity.

Addendum: First order of business, why is my account frozen even though I paid for a subscription. Also I sent this post as an email to 1PW and haven't heard anything back

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    @Lban - I'm sorry for the trouble you've experienced getting upgraded to 1Password 7 for Mac. Let's get you a solution. Thanks for letting us know you wrote in to our email support team as well. Apologies for the delay in responding to your email -- we answer them in the order we receive them, and we're working hard to get through a bit of a backlog currently, so we can return to our usual quick response time. In the meantime, I hope you can forgive us. Let's continue this conversation via email, since it will likely involve details of your specific setup that should not be in this public forum. Thanks! :)

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