Form data no longer filling for (but login works fine)

For this site I have been using a login entry to login, and a "claims data" entry to fill in a convoluted for to submit payment claims. These have been working for months (after porting them from LastPass and fixing the claims one). I use them every Tuesday, but today the login worked but the claims data did not fill any field.

I copy/pasted the form data from the existing claims form entry in 1Password and saved a new login via the Safari extension, with a different name. It did not work either, because it added a userID and password field and filled the userID with one of my entered values for another field, which resulted in filling every field in the form with that value (the number 7)! I edited the login entry by deleting userID and password, saved, logged out, quit Safari, deleted web data for the site, logged back in, and got the same results trying to fill the claims form from the 1PW Safari extension. The 1PW app got the same results for both login entries.

Comparing the saved form values between the old and new claim form entries shows exactly the same fields and values. That means the website has not altered those since last week. I deleted the new login entry for the claims form.

So, what would cause the form fill to fail and how can I fix this, please?

1Password Version: 7.1.1
Extension Version: 4.7.2
OS Version: MacOS 10.13.6
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  • Greetings @stuckfly,

    Unfortunately it is very tricky to say what the precise cause is and what might help without being able to see the form in question. This site, is there any way I might be able to create a test account to see the form you need 1Password to fill?

    I have a similar Login item myself for the payment page when booking squash - it's just easier to have it set all the fields as needed than muck about with both a Credit Card and Identity item. It continues to work for me so it isn't that arbitrary forms cannot be filled. It also means though that whatever solution may help will likely be in the details. That's why I'm hoping I might be able to create a test account.

  • Thanks. No, accounts can only be created by contracted providers; it's not a public service. I'll experiment with other entries like Identities and such. Maybe 1Password just isn't up to speed on general web form fill functions? Like, it's kind of supported in Web Form Details or whatever, but it doesn't seem to be a discreet category in the app or extension.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @stuckfly: The function of Logins in 1Password is to fill login credentials. It's possible that it will work with other types of form data, but it really depends on the site. Our focus is login filling logic, since that's what it's meant to be used for and why most people use 1Password in the first place. "Web form details" is data about the page in order to help 1Password fill login credentials there (which is why you'll see the "username" and "password" designations).

  • Thanks. I see the app supports Secure Notes, which seems even farther from your core functionality than online form filling. Maybe later. Meantime the old Mac Stickies app will get me close, although copying and pasting is sooo much effort;)

  • Hello @stuckfly,

    Given I won't be able to reach the form in question I've sent an email with a possible alternative route we can consider. Let's see if that bears any fruit.

    ref: GPE-48925-421

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