Help deploying SCIM bridge using Docker

I'm trying to integrate 1Password with Okta and I've set up the SCIM bridge on a server in our hosting environment. The problem is that after I enter the API token and the url for the scim bridge, Okta says the credentials are not correct ("invalid credentials. Please verify and try again"). I know for a fact that the url to the scim bridge server is correct (with correct port, even, 3002) and the api token (bearer token) is also correct, so I'm not sure what part of the process is not working. Additional info from Okta logs show: "failure: No results for users returned." We've been trying to troubleshoot this for a few days now and we are pretty sure that everything is setup correctly with the SCIM server (in Aptible, which uses a Dockerfile). Is there a way for me to test this somehow outside of Okta to see if I can better pinpoint what part of our setup is broken? I submitted a request about this, but have not heard back yet and we're really itching to deploy 1Password Biz for our workforce. Thanks in advance for any help/insight.

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  • Welp, I figured it out. You guys should REALLY, REALLY updated your documentations here ( and here ( with the correct BASE URL. It is supposed to be {SCIM_server_url}:3002/scim. The /scim part was what threw me off for several days of wrestling with this. None of your documentation mentions that, and I actually got the answer from a kind user in an Okta forum who responded a similar post I put there for help. That person said he also experienced the same issue a while back and got the answer from 1Password support, but the documentation was never updated. Please update the docs so the next person doesn't struggle through what should be the most trivial aspect of the setup process.

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    Hey @jadu,

    I'm sorry that this wasn't better documented. We're in the process of fixing up the SCIM bridge so that it'll work either way to make sure that others don't get tripped up by that in the future.


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