1Password in Firefox is REALLY slow to start

In recent versions (going back at least a month) I have noticed that when I invoke 1password for the first time in a given session in Firefox, it takes about a full minute before the "enter passcode" dialog comes up. In the meantime, it locks up the whole browser, which is pretty disruptive to my workflow. Is this a known issue, and is there a workaround?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Hi, Brent.

    On a Windows XP machine I haven't used in a few days, I just updated to the latest version of 1Password and then closed 1Password. Then I launched Firefox 8 and clicked the 1Password button in the Firefox toolbar. The extension dialog box appeared instantly. I selected a Login from the Go and Fill button, and 1Password instantly prompted me to enter my master password. It responded instantly when I clicked the OK button. So, I'm not able to reproduce the problem you describe.

    Is it possible you're connecting to the Internet through a proxy server? If so, please enter the appropriate information on the Network tab of 1Password preferences, and let us know if that helps.
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