1P on Windows+Chrome Ctrl+\ or click-icon works intermitently

1P is terrific when it works, and it usually works, but on all my windows computers, 1P sometimes fails. Sometimes Ctrl+\ doesn't do anything; for those times, I click on the icon and a few of those times it works. If i reload the 1P extension it solves the problem about a third of the time. If I restart Chrome it usually fixes the problem although not always. the problem seems less likely to happen if its unlocked and hasn't timed out, but the problem happens almost every day. this has been going on for a while. any ideas?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    I've noticed that the Chrome extension (on my Mac, as well as on my PC) occasionally fails to respond to the keyboard shortcut, although I've been unable to detect any pattern to the behavior.

    I've never had to re-install the extension, though, to get it to work—at worst, I've just quit and relaunched Chrome.

    I also haven't seen the 1Password "key" button fail to trigger the extension.

    Can you tell us exactly what versions of Chrome and 1Password you're using?
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