How to control which field the cursor is ending it, when not autosubmitting?

I have multiple fields autofill configured for a specific page. It worked perfectly in 1password 6 (dropbox sync) and it almost works perfectly in 1password 7 (where I switched to suddenly, after autofilling, the cursor is left in a different field than it did with 1password 6.

There's a specific field I want the cursor in, because I need to manually type a token each time, before submitting for login.

1Password Version: 7.1.2
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type:
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  • Greetings @kaz219,

    The extension should be leaving focus in a password field whenever possible. If this isn't what you're seeing and there's a good example page I can test to see please let me know. What we don't have is a way to ask 1Password to leave focus in an arbitrary field I'm afraid. I suspect any such need would be very specific and quite uncommon so I'm doubtful that we would add such a feature any time soon.

  • There's a Passcode and a Password field and I want the focus in the passcode field, like it was in 1Password6.
    You were the one to give me the solution at the time (thanks again for this btw) =)

  • Greetings @kaz219,

    So I'm surprised 1Password 6 was leaving focus in the passcode field for a couple of reasons. In most cases the decision of the field to leave focus on is with the extension and so that behaviour should be independent of the native client. Also, if I'm understanding correctly 1Password never fills the passcode field so we also should never leave focus on it for that reason too. As the other thread mentions the specific site I'll see if I can test both 1Password 7.1 and 6.8 and see if I can observe any difference.

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    Thanks for the replay @littlebobbytables .

    My browser extension looked very different in 1password 6, in case that helps. Don't know if it's related to the fact that I also switched from perpetual license + dropbox sync to 1password sync/account.

  • Hello @kaz219,

    1Password mini did undergo quite significant changes in 1Password 7 you're quite right. I often find the line between the extension and 1Password is quite blurred for most people. The UI (User Interface) is all from the native 1Password application and the extension is merely a bridge between the browser and 1Password, passing descriptions of the page and following 1Password's commands regarding filling. That's why there was the large leap in the design when you transitioned from 6 to 7. The move from a licence to 1Password account though won't be a factor as the client remains the same in both scenarios and it's the client that performs the various calculations to determine what to fill and where.

    I've still got the testing to do yet, it's a bit of a faff jumping between versions unfortunately and I'm still taming Mojave in places.

  • Thanks @littlebobbytables!

    Now that they don't have big cat names anymore, one wonders why the taming is still needed... ;)

  • Greetings @kaz219,

    So I've pinned down the change in behaviour or at least in part. In both 1Password 6 and 1Password 7, the extension is looking at the fields filled and in reverse order looking for a password field. 1Password 7 is filling the fields in the order you see them on the page and so the first password field in reverse order is the password field. For whatever reason 1Password 6 was filling the password field first and then the passcode field. So when it checks the fields in reverse order the passcode field is the first it finds. It was most likely just chance and a quirk of the previous filling code that resulted in the favourable result. To bring it back we would need to add a very explicit instruction specific to this site to instruct 1Password to deviate from the more sensible ordering.

    For now probably your best option will be ⇧⇥. Tabbing takes you forward through the fields and shift tab reverses the direction. So with keyboard focus on the password field shift tab will take you back to the passcode field.

    Can you remind me, is the passcode field only for a token or is it a combination of a static password and a token appended? Out of curiosity is the token SMS based or some software/hardware alternative to the Google style 2FA?

  • Many thanks @littlebobbytables. I'll make use of shift-tab then. The passcode is a combination of static PIN and a hardware token.

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