Is this a bug on IOS7.2

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My iPhone has been updated to IOS12, now I can't delete folders on IOS 1password 7.2,I use dropbox to sync my vault, there are no folders listed on mac 1password.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @Howard_bang: If you're using 1Password for Mac version 7, the data would have been converted to OPVault format, and folders are no longer used, only tags. Is that what you're talking about?

  • I'm running Windows 10 and have the same problem. I understand that in the new 1Password version, Tags are now used instead of Folders. I can even access my Tags from my mobile devices (cell phone and tablet). However, there isn't any Tags showing on the PC (Windows) software. I have the latest software version ( and the opvault file is used/open. If I select 'Add' at the bottom of the left pane, it creates a Folder - not a Tag. There isn't any preferences with options for Tags. Help!

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    1Password 4 for Windows actually isn't the latest version there so it may have some incompatibilities with more recent versions on other platforms. 1Password 7 is the latest version for Windows and fully supports tags and nested tags.

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    This is 1p 7.2 on ios12, when a new folder is created, it cannot be deleted. Pressing the folder and swipe to right, there is a red button used to delete a folder, but it doesn't work, and as you said, the mac os 1p doesn't support folders, so how can I delete a folder.

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    Thanks @Howard_bang. I was able to reproduce the issue of the red removal button not working. I will file an issue with development regarding that. Until we can get this sorted out the only way to remove a tag is by editing each item that has that tag and removing it from each of them. When no items have that tag it will disappear.

    P.S. ‘financial’ in your screenshot is a tag, not a folder.


  • @Ben the financial’ in my screenshot is a tag, but you see there is still an option to create a new folder, and created folders also cannot be deleted like the tag, if you have an iOS device, you may have a try. The only way to delete folders is to restore a previous backup .

  • brentybrenty

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    Got it. Thanks for the clarification, and for bringing this up. :)

  • Any word on when we can delete folders in iOS? I want to clean up my 1Password on my iOS devices. Thanks!

  • rudyrudy

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    It will be possible imminently future beta of 1Password for iOS.

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