1Password won’t work with totalwine.com

When I go to totalwine.com and click Sign In, 1Password won’t fill in the user name and password. This is on an iPad and happens both in Safari and 1Password’s browser.

1Password Version: 7.1.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 11.4.1
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @SSteve,

    Can you try visiting https://www.totalwine.com/iframe/LoginPage for me please and see if you find that helps. The site uses an iframe and while we can cope with this on Mac and Windows it isn't the same happy scenario on iOS. Loading the login page will allow you to bypass the iframe issue so it should fill and hopefully successfully logs you in.

    In iOS 12 we're able to leverage the iOS 12's AutoFill and this will allow filling of iframes without any URL gymnastics. Once you've updated to iOS 12 this section of our Use 1Password to fill and save on your iPhone and iPad support page will show how to enable it. Until you've updated to iOS 12 though I'm hoping that link helps.

  • Thanks. That URL works. I’m updating to iOS 12 pretty soon. I was happy to hear that Apple allowed third-party access to AutoFill. I imagine everyone at AbileBits even happier.

  • Greetings @SSteve,

    I can't lie, iOS 12's AutoFill generated a lot of excitement amongst not just the developers but the support side as well as people were testing the iOS 12 beta :smile: I'm glad that URL helped in the meanwhile and do let me know if you come across any other troublesome sites.

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