Lost my phone got a new one - now what?

I have 1Password families and finally setup 2FA using Microsoft Autheticator.

Luckily, I didn’t lose my phone but before I do I wanted to understand the recovery process so if it ever happens I’m not screwed.

How do I go about restoring myself? I have an emergency key printed at home. Is that all I need? In regrads the the Microsoft Autheticator, how will that work?

Also, is it advisable to store my emergency kit inside 1Password itself as well?


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @reemas

    In addition to your Emergency Kit you’d need a way to generate your TOTP (2FA) code. I’m not familiar with Microsoft Authenticator. Does it sync your data? Can you access that information by logging in to your Microsoft account? Either way it may be wise to write your TOTP secret for your 1Password account on your Emergency Kit, so if that authenticator app isn’t available a new instance of it (or another app) can be set up.

    It doesn’t hurt to store your Emergency Kit inside 1Password in addition to having a copy outside of it, however it would be important to update all copies if any of the information changes.


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