Conflicts in items with no "Conflicts" section

The result of a sync conflict is usually an item to which a "Conflicts" section has been added by 1Password. Resolve the conflict in the data, delete the "Conflicts" section, and all is well. Somehow I ended up with a few items that were marked as being in conflict (via a Smart Folder), but had no "Conflicts" section. Turns out, if I copied one particular section's data to a new section within the same item and deleted the old section, then the item was no longer in conflict. What this seems to suggest is that it isn't the section name of "Conflicts" that labels the item in conflict, but some hidden attribute that can't really be cleared manually other than through by the trial and error of copying section contents and deleting old sections. Perhaps a visual indicator (red background) can be added to the title of the Section that is marked as a conflict?

1Password Version: 7.1.2
Extension Version: 4.7.3
OS Version: 10.13.6 (17G65)
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: forum-search:conflicts


  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @dmittman ,

    You are correct, it is a hidden id that makes it a conflict section, not the name. That's not a bad idea to mark the conflicts section. I'll pass it along. In the mean time, I suggest for those items with conflicts, edit them, create new sections, drag the fields to those sections, and remove the old sections.


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