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I recently updated to macOS Mojave and also the latest version of 1P. I have since discovered that 1P's auto-submit no longer works. Is there some way I can re-enable it? If so, how?

(I'm not seeing any reference to auto-submit in any of 1P's preferences.)

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  • I have the same Problem. Is this a Bug or a Feature? Any solution out there? This is really anoying.

  • Hi @Mr. Laser Beam & @GFEMajor,

    Starting with 1Password 7.2 the submit after filling feature has been retired. As part of improved security measures Apple have been tightening up on accessibility usage and unfortunately the feature we used to enable submit after filling could be misused. My understanding is it has been removed and so we've also removed submit after filling from 1Password for Mac. I completely understand Apple's decision and why that had to make it, it's just a shame that our benign use was a casualty. We did note it in the 1Password 7.2 for Mac changelog but a single line at the bottom is incredibly easy to miss.

    Autosubmit, which has become quite fragile due to some modern security improvements in macOS, has been retired.

    I believe fragile is code for didn't work and macOS displayed an error message :tongue:

    I'm sure many people will find this an inconvenience to start but the extension will still attempt to leave focus on a field that will allow the user to submit the form using the enter/return key so hopefully it won't feel too unwieldy after a period of adjustment.

  • Thanks @littlebobbytables for the explanation. I‘m not sure why they remove it from MacOs, but are plaing to intruduce it in iOS. But so what, we have to live with that

  • Greetings @GFEMajor,

    What Apple removed that affected 1Password for Mac wasn't specifically about submitting a page in a browser, it was the ability to programatically ask the operating system to react as if the user had pressed the enter key. Almost without exception, reasonably designed forms will allow the user to press enter to submit the form rather than force them to click on any sign-in button. If the extension could leave focus on a password field and submit after filling was enabled 1Password for Mac would ask macOS to react as if the user had pressed the enter key. The problem is this could be used elsewhere and the concern was it could be abused to skirt past a confirmation dialog before the user could react and decline. We had a good use but the bad use and stopping it has to take precedence. Submit after filling could be built into the browser because the browser ultimately has complete control whilst extensions must have guards in place to avoid them being a security nightmare.

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    Just out of curiosity, why not at least add a popup or change the focus. A popup could simply ask if you want to autosubmit. It would still require the user to hit the enter key but it would effectively "auto-submit" immediately thereafter. A better option would be for 1p to change the focus to the submit button—or somewhere else, as long as it would only require the user to hit "enter" and submit the form/password.

    As many people have mentioned, it is quite annoying to have to use the mouse to find the submit button of a form.

  • GFEMajorGFEMajor
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    @jamiljonna I think 1P is moving the focus to the password field in the last step. So just hit enter and you should be logged in.
    Your solution with a popup is not better than the current implementation (where you just have to hit enter after everything is filled).

    A solution I would prefer would be that Apple integrates a system where you can authorize apps to "hit the enter button". So you can authorize 1Pass to do its job and prevent other Apps from doing harm. But I think this is something the we have to ask apple, and not the devs of 1P 😃

  • @jamiljonna, @GFEMajor is correct. We leave focus on the password field because the vast majority of sites will submit the form if you press enter at this point. It's how 1Password worked so the single (and disruptive, I do acknowledge that) change is that the enter key press is not automated as it was. If I needed to revert to using the mouse cursor I'd be cursing its absence a lot more than I currently am.

    It probably wouldn't do any harm having our developers ask nicely too but I'm not sure if we'll ever see its return now.

  • @littlebobbytables to add to this - isnt this sth that can be achieved with javascript? Search for a submit button and push it? (I am not a developer though, maybe it is too easy in my mind ;).

  • Hi @ttomr,

    We used to try and use JavaScript but we found it notoriously unreliable, sufficiently so that we removed it in favour of having 1Password and the mimicking of the enter key being pressed. At least one of the JavaScript methods discarded was much for the same reason as the one we face on macOS, hardening to protect the users against misuse.

  • Ah too bad I thought as much. Thanks for the reply.

  • It is a shame, hopefully the convenience of filling still makes 1Password a pretty useful tool. I know I couldn't accurately type any of my current passwords :tongue:

  • Totally missed this in the change log mentioned above. It's helpful to know I can press enter/return right after the UN/PW fill most of the time.

  • Greetings @johnnyxhuynh,

    The changelog entry is easy to miss, there's no two ways about it. I'm glad this conversation was of help though :smile:

  • It still works in 1Password 6 for Mac. :)

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @DavidMBrown - hey there! :) So yeah, auto-fill still works 1Password 6 for Mac and will likely continue to do so for as long as Apple continues to allow .safariextz extensions installed from the Safari Extensions Gallery in Safari 12+. We aren't really sure when that will be sunset, but Apple have already indicated that's the plan: to sunset the SEG, which will effectively render all pre-7 versions of 1Password unable to use Safari 12, since there will be no way to install the extension they need (Apple has already removed the ability to install directly, you MUST use the SEG now, so if that goes away, that's effectively killing it).

    For now, you can install 1Password 6 for Mac into Mojave, and you can still get to the SEG to install the extension...but for reasons I'm sure you remember, we can't recommend people revert to a previous version of 1Password as any kind of long-term solution; at some point it just becomes incompatible due to the march of time.

  • Hi - I understand why Autosubmit has been disabled. However, as a new user (migrating from Dashlane), I really appreciated the ability to _click in the username or password field _and have 1Password autofill the info, following which I could just click Submit or Enter. I find I can still do this on my Mac running MacOS Sierra, but I just installed 1Password on my wife's Mac running Mojave, and that "click in the field to fill" doesn't work there. I've also noticed that my Chrome extension is blue whereas hers is black. I don't see any reference to this functionality being disabled. Two questions:

    1. Was it disabled, and if so, why? Any way to get it back on Mojave?
    2. Is the Chrome extension supposed to be blue or black, and what's the significance of either color?

    I'd really appreciate any guidance anyone can give me.
    Thank you.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @Johnofarrel - there are currently two "flavors" of 1Password extension. There is our regular extension, which requires the companion application and acts as a conduit in the browser to the local data stored on your Mac or PC. If you've got the 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows app installed, this is typically the extension you'd install to allow it to fill in and save data from your browser. This extension works with either local, standalone 1Password data or with accounts. Then there is 1Password X, which is a newer product that works only with accounts, and does not require you to have a local 1Password app installed; it works directly with your data on instead and only needs to be installed in your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera, but not Safari or MS Edge).

    If you have all your 1Password data in a account (i.e. - no local vaults) and and you and your wife aren't Safari users, then you're free to use either one of these extensions, though they do function somewhat differently, as you've noticed. You can visit our downloads page and find both versions there.

  • Thank you very much. I'm glad I asked, as I didn't see this distinction explained in the signup/installation process, nor did it come up in an extensive Google search!

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian

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    We're happy to help, @Johnofarrel. :smile:

    I didn't see this distinction explained in the signup/installation process, nor did it come up in an extensive Google search!

    This sounds like an area we could improve on, so thanks for sharing your experience! :smile:

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