Creating logins via PW autofill fills password into currently selected field

When you are creating an account for an app or a website, and select the username/email field, “🔑 Passwords” appears in the QuickType bar, which brings up the 1Password autofill UI and the button to “Create Login”. You then create the new login in 1PW, but when you hit “Save & Fill”, it doesn’t fill the username and password into the correct fields as expected, but just fills the password into the field that was selected when you hit the “🔑 Passwords” button to bring up 1PW, and doesn’t fill the username anywhere.

If you try to login with the created login it usually fills fine, it just doesn’t fill correctly when on the create account page for most websites/apps. Not sure how much control you guys have over where iOS chooses to fill, but it seems you have to bring up 1PW from the password field for it to fill the password in the correct place, and even then it doesn’t seem to fill the password in the confirm password field (though the new account appears in the QuickType bar when you select the confirm password field, so it’s still easy enough to fill).

Hopefully that’s something that can be fixed, because being able to bring up 1PW and have it fill the password in the wrong place is not great.

1Password Version: 7.2.1 (70201002)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 12.0
Sync Type: 1PW account


  • The more I mess around with this the more I think it's an iOS bug. Made a LastPass account to see if its behavior differs from 1PW and they both do the exact same thing. You select the username field, press the "Passwords" button on the QuickType bar, create a new login, enter a username & password using each app's UI, tap "save & fill" and iOS just fills the password into the username field. iOS appears to be treating the username/email field as a password field, but only on web pages with forms to create accounts. Filling works fine on login pages.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Tetryl91: Indeed, with iOS 12 Password Autofill, the actual filling is handled entirely by the OS. Honestly though, while it was unexpected at first, I've been using this behaviour to my advantage at times when I just want to fill the current field. Probably not intended though.

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