Upgrade from 3.8 to 4

Hello! I tried searching the forum but it didn't let me use the term 3.8 or 4.

I am planning on buying 1Password 3.8 for Mac and Windows and was wondering if I'll have upgrade pricing with 4.0?



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    If you purchase 3.9 from the MAS you will get 1P4 for free. I don't know if you are running Lion but it is a requirement for 3.9.
    The MAS version also does not carry family license packs etc, you can install 1P on any Mac that you directly control or have associated with your Apple ID.

    I have seen posts where the team indicated that the MAS was going to be the only avenue for v4. But it has not been decided 100%.

    You may wish to submit a follow up post in the primary support channel http://support.agilebits.com/ This forum is still active but mainly for those of us who prefer a more group type of experience. The other is geared more towards quick answers to questions and it is IMHO a lot quicker at getting replies answered in short order.
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    In the past we have always had generous deals at the time of a major upgrade. I can't promise anything, but I can't imagine why version 4 would be any different. Since there isn't a way for developers to transfer existing licenses into the Mac App Store, we will need to provide a sale for everyone in order that existing users can get pricing in line with our upgrade price. But that just means we get to be more generous and offer the discounted price to everyone! :D
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    3.8.13 works like gangbusters in both Snow Leopard (MBP) and Lion (iMac). My problem is that I must continue to use Snow Leopard on my MBP because it drives a USB-controlled AppleScriptable PowerKey Pro 650 (a power bar with individually controlled outlets) and the driver for the PKP has not and will not be upgraded -- it still requires Rosetta to run and that's been dropped in Lion). Since I use the PKP extensively to control a number of things in my office remotely from my iMac via AppleScript, I'm stuck. I could upgrade to 3.9 -> 4.0 on the iMac of course, but then I'd be running two different versions of 1P and I'm not sure that Dropbox Sync would continue to work correctly. I realize that eventually support for 3.8.x will be discontinued, but I'm wondering to what extent Dropbox will continue to keep me in sync when I stay in 3.8.x on the MBP. Can either Thightower or Khad shed any light on that?
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    Hey NovaScotain

    It was a nice to see your face pop up in my recent posts list. Hope you have been well. I do miss your trips to the forums but we have had that discussion before so I will not go over it again ;)

    This is the only information I have seen regarding the the info you requested.


    PS. I am sorry I never got around to sending you an email / thank you for the scripting info you sent me. Truth is I didn't need as I was totally way over thinking the issue. A friend and I were talking the other day and discussing how the human brain conjures up all these ideas of it need to be a elaborate process to do this or that. When in fact the answer is a one sentence AppleScript that hits the nail on the head.

    Also I let the issue drop and have just become accustomed to my friends european date format, I got tired of modding the script after updates etc. Sometimes its easier just to tweak the computer behind the keyboard and be done with it. :D

    Again thanks for the assist I really do appreciate it. I hope you and the wife are doing well. If there is anything I can do feel free to write me at me personal email or hear at the forums I will always be glad to get an email from you my friend.
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    Good to hear from you too, Thightower. Ben seems to be assuring us that 3.8.x and 4.x will be able to sync. When 4 is available, I'll consider whether I want to buy it again.
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