Incorrect re-used password message in Watchtower

edited October 2018 in iOS Beta

I haven't checked Watchtower in a while...

But now that I do I see two errors:

  • 3 strong random passwords are listed as re-used, while there's no other entry with one of these passwords
  • 2 SIM cards with almost identical ICC numbers are listed as re-used

Oops: please move this to the macOS (stable) section


  • Oh, duplicates are with entries in other vaults?

    I would like Watchtower to check only a single vault.

  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @XIII ,

    The goal of Watchtower is to give you an overall check of 1Password data, as it's important to know if all of your data is insecure. However, we realize the duplicate passwords issue is a bit special in that sometimes it's necessary to have duplicate passwords. We are looking into a solution for this, and will consider your feedback when doing so.


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