1Password 6 for Mac incompatible with new Brave browser releases



  • You make an awful lot of assumptions in your comment about my purchases and upgrades over the years.

    I’ve been using 1Password since 2008. I purchased both a Mac and PC standalone license in addition to at least two upgrades since I started using 1Password. 1Password now wants me to spend $100 for 2 new standalone licenses (which I prefer because quite frankly I don't trust my security to your cloud) or $36/yr for your cloud service, simply for the privilege of using a safe browser built off of Chromium (Brave).

    LastPass on the other hand works seamlessly with the Brave browser and costs $24/ yr to work on all my devices.

    If I’m going to be forced towards using the cloud, why would I pay you a 50% premium when your developers have shown no loyalty to your customers?

    It's great you choose to work with Opera and Vivaldi, but there is no reason your software should not work with Brave other than the fact your developers are unwilling to patch your software to work correctly. The fact you also preemptively refuse to update your program for Safari (iPhone) users tells me you really don’t have your customer’s best intentions in mind.

    Increasing revenue in the sort term while alienating your legacy customers isn’t exactly a sound business model.

  • Hi @AAK23,

    1Password 6 for Mac did work with Brave until details related to their signing certificate changed. Yes it was a pity it happened as recently as 6 months after development of 1Password 6 for Mac had ceased but it did. It is quite possible the same will happen to one of our other supported browsers as well. As I mentioned I do expect Safari to become unsupported by 1Password 6 at some point and I do mention this whenever I'm helping a user return to 1Password 6 because for whatever reason they've decided they wish to continue with it for now. If the user wishes to remain and their choice is an informed I will support them as best I can just as I would if a 1Password 7 user wrote in. What I can't help with is if a technical can only be resolved by a change to the software, 1Password 6 simply will not receive any more updates.

    Everything I stated about licences still holds true though as I wasn't making an assumption about your situation, I don't know how long you were a user. As it turns out you've been a user longer than I have as I first started with 1Password 3 back in 2010. I continued with it until a had a Mac capable of 1Password 4 for Mac and then I purchased a new licence. As I was curious about the Mac App Store I surrendered the opportunity to get a discounted licence as that isn't something we've ever been able to do there, discount prices for existing users - the Mac App Store just doesn't work like that. Even though I've been with AgileBits for 4 years, when we started selling 1Password 7 licences I purchased one because I make use of it. I'm guessing you might have started with 1Password 2 for Mac and I can't comment at all either in what a licence cost, whether a new licence was needed for 1Password 3 or if we offered a discounted price for existing users. I don't even know what it looks like, despite my numerous VMs for testing I don't think I have a copy of OS X that I could even try it with given its age.

    So it's quite possible that since 2008 there was an initial purchase and possibly two paid upgrades on the Mac depending on a number of factors, some of which I have no knowledge on. On the Windows side I believe we jumped from 1Password 1 for Windows to 1Password 4 for Windows and 1Password 4 was actively worked on for almost the entire period we went through 1Password 4-6 on the Mac. During certain periods it was possible to save a little money by purchasing a dual licence for both Mac and Windows as well as there being discounted existing user prices at least for 1Password 4. By accident it is entirely possible somebody may have paid full price for each licence but there were opportunities to reduce the cost a little in places.

    That VM software that I find invaluable, they've had either 3 or 4 paid updates since I first started in 2015 and it's cost me a lot more than 1Password has since 2010. Mostly I seem to be paying to ensure continued compatibility given I haven't found anything new in the updates that made it instantly indispensable but compatibility is pretty much a must as things change. Of course I wouldn't so no if I needed to pay for an update a little less frequently but that's how it is.

    Each person will need to decide what is best for them. Each 1Password purchase for me has been a no-brainer. It's an essential tool for me and I'm very happy. That was the case prior to me joining AgileBits and it will be the case if I ever part ways. Developing and supporting the software has a number of costs so I do not see it as being unfair that 1Password 7 is a paid update. Certainly we have looked to making the 1Password accounts appealing compared to the licence option, Dave himself would say that as well and he would do so unashamedly. I'm just happy we still have licences for those that do not want to go down the path of the 1Password account.

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