It doesn't offer to save a new login item on most web sites


It doesn't offer to save a new login item when I submit a form first time on most websites I visit. How to deal with them?

It is very time-consuming to note them down and report you one by one.


1Password Version: 7.2.1
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  • Hi @koraykupe,

    When you say most, does this mean that it is working on some? The reason for asking is one entire area of troubleshooting would be to see if the extension is connected to 1Password but if however filling is working and you're being prompted in some places anything related to a connection issue is eliminated. What would also be useful is to learn what version of the 1Password extension you have installed in your browser.

    If this is the case let's start with one example, assuming you're happy to post a link to the site in our public support forum what is a recent site where you've experienced trouble with the autosave prompt and was it with the sign-in form or the registration form?

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables

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    Hello @koraykupe,

    So the multi-stage ones won't play nicely with 1Password's autosave prompt. For those it will require manually creating a Login item and we detail the process on our support page Sign in to websites with username and password split across multiple pages which covers both saving and filling.

    For the others I'll have to investigate each in turn. I got the expected prompts on gearbest so as best I can tell we work there for both the sign-in and registration forms. For D & R the problem is 1Password is weak with non-English sites and it doesn't understand that GİRİŞ YAP is Turkish for sign in and we should react to that. I will file an issue and check each of the sites to see what combination of words seem to be used.

    ref: xplatform/filling-issues#301

  • Hi @koraykupe,

    Each has its issues. Lots of sites either ignore or use meaningless ID and names and there isn't anything stopping a site from using a different language here as well. While not perfect for the reason you mention, at least we know the displayed title should be meaningful to the user given it is what they see. There is of course always room for improvement here.

  • Hi @koraykupe,

    Saving a Login item manually is certainly one way and how I viewed 1Password changed when I first learnt about this method. Of course we still want to improve the detection and your report will help. There is also slightly different behaviour that may offer an immediate improvement. Sign-in forms tend to allow both clicking a sign-in button and the user pressing the enter key on the password field. Some sites only allow clicking a button but in my own experience I tend to find them rare. Pressing enter on a password field is handled slightly differently and can trigger the correct response in places where clicking a button won't.

    I am still very grateful for the report regarding these sites though as what we have to aim for is consistency no matter how and where you use 1Password.

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    littlebobbytables was using a bit of shorthand… Depending on the site and how it's coded, 1Password has to check a few different things for determining whether to offer saving. For very well coded sites, 1Password is less dependent on trying to look at the user-facing strings on things like buttons. For sites that use less semantic approaches such as a <div> tag instead of a <input type="submit"> for the form submission element, 1Password has to try to determine if the thing the user clicked on is likely a submission widget even though it's not obviously so from the code of the page. I hope that makes some sense.

    In any case, I tried on by going to the main page and then clicking Inloggen at the top, which took me to I got a save prompt when I entered credentials and pressed the Inloggen button and when I pressed return in the password field. Did you get a different result?

    Jamie Phelps
    Code Wrangler @ 1Password
    Fort Worth, Texas

  • In time I'm sure we will improve support for Turkish across sign-in and change password forms but your final determination about any software should be on what it does at this moment in time and not what future improvements may bring. Like any category of software, each password manager will have its strength and weaknesses and its about finding the one that best fits you. Should you decide to give 1Password a shot again at some point in the future maybe you will find it works better with Turkish sites compared to this first experience.

  • Hi @koraykupe,

    Can you supply the exact URL you use for Netflix please. I tested and everything worked okay for me and I just want to make sure whatever is happening isn't specific to a certain version of that page.

  • Greetings @koraykupe,

    That would explain what you're seeing. 1Password's determination of whether to prompt or not is based exclusively on the password. Part of the reason is a page can have masses of text fields and so they're considerably less reliable for using as cues. It would be great if 1Password could prompt for both but the false positive rate would have to be extremely low otherwise it would drive people insane with the false prompting. Of course part of the goal in using 1Password is to eventually have unique passwords for each account, even if you have multiple accounts with a single service.

  • Hi @koraykupe,

    All of the prompts displayed by 1Password, whether it is for a sign-in form or a change password form, they're based on the password fields on the page. We attempt to extract a username field if we detect something worth saving and a number of the things we do are based on using the password field as a starting point. This is why multi-stage sign-in forms require the first stage with only the username to basically use the How to save a Login manually in your browser steps.

    The prompt isn't limited to simply the password being present for some site, the Login item must also match the registered domain so this only impacts when multiple accounts for the same site are reusing the same password. The hope is even for people slowly moving over to 1Password that these cases aren't that common.

    If sign-in pages were for the vast majority of instances nice, simple and clean dedicated pages we could be a lot more liberal but this isn't the case. We need to design 1Password for the sites where the sign-in form is part of a larger page for searching a timetable, I've seen sign-in pages with over 500 input fields and I've seen pages (plural) where the username field was labelled as a new password field using the autocomplete attribute. A lot of what goes into 1Password is often just about trying to minimise the wackiness we find out there. Should 1Password interact with fields set as read-only? you'd think that would be simple but when we added it what did we learn but there are sign-in forms where our users need 1Password to fill into a read-only field to avoid forcing the user to muck around with a virtual keyboard. Believe me, I wish detecting could be much easier than it currently is.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    @koraykupe: Identities are one of the toughest things to fill properly. There are infinitely more ways for web developers to label fields on these forms compared to login forms, which can lead to 1Password not being confident enough to fill.

    Today I created a new account on and it did not offer to save it.

    No matter how many times I tried to create an account there, I got the prompt to save the login, so I'm not sure what went wrong there. Which browser are you using? Did you press Enter/Return key, or click the Create account button?

  • Greetings @koraykupe,

    For the most recent report, would I be correct in believing you used the Password Generator? It looks like we have a bug where if 1Password fills using a generated password it is incorrectly inferring that it already knows the password. In a way 1Password isn't wrong, it will have created a Password item but we want that viewed on as a second class citizen and 1Password should prompt even if the Password Generator is used. I wonder if that is the case here because if Sebastian is anything like me my tests often have me use a goto dummy username and password, my own being peekaboo. You should see how much 1Password dislikes my test vault :lol: This bug is something I'm hoping we can correct soon. This would be separate from some of the earlier sites where it looks like the lack of knowledge on Turkish is the cause.

  • Hello @koraykupe,

    I believe the bug I've eventually noticed wasn't present in 7.1.2 so it's not a long, long standing bug but if it was present in 7.2 that's four minor updates that it escaped me. Part of the reason is by pure chance things worked okay on one of my goto test sites - I haven't delved into why it worked there given the way the bug should affect all usage of the Password Generator. Fingers crossed we can get that one corrected soon and then we can turn our attention back to where we know 1Password is weak in terms of languages.

  • Hello @koraykupe,

    I tried both sites and 1Password prompted me on both. My testing involved filling the fields manually and then clicking the sign-in button. Did you use 1Password to fill at all on that page prior to saving?

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