1Password not making website previews

I have been having a problem with the new version of 1password for mas. When I make a new account on a website and save it into 1Password it does not make a preview for the Web site even when I click on download preview. I was wondering if this was a problem that the AgileBits team already knew about? If anyone else is having the same problem please say so.


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    Hello Hav1

    Yes, it is a known issue. The last I heard it was slated for a fix in the next release. But the last mention I saw was a couple weeks ago.

    You can follow along more at the new support channel http://support.agilebits.com there are many more requests etc on info on the topic there.

    As always you are free to post here but you will get quicker answers there as this forum is maintained mainly for the community aspect and for more advanced users wanting to share work arounds etc.

    I personally always refer folks to the new one and then if they wish they can come here also, it just seems to work better that way. But whatever you choose that is your choice.
  • Thank you for the information I tried to go the the site you mentioned I did not though because my browser says that the sites certificate is invalid.
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    Hmm seeing the same thing now, must be new Ill mention it to one of the admins.

    This is a direct link https://onepassword-osx.tenderapp.com/

    Edit : Admin notified
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    Thanks for mentioning this, Hav1, (and for alerting me, Tommy). The site strangely redirects to https and then back to http, so ultimately it doesn't matter, but hopefully we can get this resolved. Even though it isn't a big deal, it doesn't look good. :)

    Again, thanks for letting us know!
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