Delete account and one other concern

I emailed a few days ago about one question/concern and have yet to receive a reply. I also have a new issue. I was setting up a new account, and after everything was migrated from one vault to the account vault I attempted to change my master password. I confirmed it twice and was quite sure it was all set, but it will not work. I had not setup any family members, so there is no hope for recovery. My question is this: I have already gone ahead and made a new account I am currently using. I have invited family and invested more time in that now, so I'm ok with losing the other I had made. I would like to know how to go about deleting that, what I would now call "ghost" account that I will not be using. I'm concerned the migrated data is still in that account. I have all the info you may need to remove it, would just like some help!

1Password Version: 7.2.1
Extension Version: 7.2.1
OS Version: 10.14
Sync Type: 1Password Account


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    It looks like Steve (and company) was able to help you out via email already. :)

    But in case it helps anyone else, we can help with deleting accounts and/or moving to new ones at [email protected] -- just be sure to contact us from the registered email address on the account so we can verify you, as we need to maintain security and privacy for all of our customers and their account details. :)

    ref: HWJ-82945-345

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