1P extension for Chrome not working on Windows

With the latest release I started having problems with my logins not showing at all. The other browsers and the main 1Password application works fine. Weirder thing is my Mac works fine as well.

I have tried upgrading to the beta to no avail. The extension will prompt me to unlock as per usual, but once unlocked it doesn't display any of my login data.

What should I do?


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    Hi Woei,

    I've hidden your Diagnostics Report. We ask that they not be posted in public (for your own sake). There isn't anything ultimately private in them, but they do contain logs from your machine which not everyone wants indexed by Google. :)

    It sounds like the background process is not able to connect. Please step through the guide here:


    Especially make sure that nothing is blocking the WebSocket TCP/IP connection between the background process and the sandboxed browser extension.

    Configuration for AVG and NOD32 are listed here:


    What antivirus/security software are you running? Try disabling it to see if that helps. Then we should be able to figure out how to configure it to not block standard WebSocket connections if necessary.

    Please let me know how it goes.
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    You may also want to completely uninstall the 1Password extension for Chrome (checking in Chrome options to make sure it's really gone) and then re-installing it (on the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences) to see if that triggers a resynchronization of the extension's data with 1Password's data.

    Do let us know if anything helps, Woei!
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