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I'm not sure this is an ordinary use case, but I often have the same password for different sites. This could be two google accounts with same password, the same password for amazon.com and amazon.co.uk and even more when developing where I could have the same accounts for production and developing. Also nice feature for sites sharing login information or sites with different urls for different things.

Could it be possible to link these accounts so an update to either account will result in 1Password asking me if I wan't all accounts updated or only the current account updated (and the link between the account broken).

Hope you can fit this in a some point! And thank you for a very nice product.




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    Welcome to the forums, Martin. You are not alone! :)

    We've seen other requests for this over time, and it is on our radar. We have some solutions but I don't have a time frame for a specific release. Thanks for letting us know you are looking for this as well.

    Best wishes to you this and every season!
  • Hello,

    I wanted to add a comment to this topic, but it is locked:


    It seems that the current topic ("Feature request: Linked passwords") addresses the same issue; if this is not the case, please explain the difference and direct me to the correct open topic, with my apologies for posting here.

    I understand the security concern associated with using the same password for multiple accounts, as well as the concern associated with allowing wild-card rules in the domains for which a given set of credentials is valid. Nevertheless, I believe there is a legitimate use case here for those of us in corporate environments, and a way to implement this feature without the danger of wild cards.

    In my corporate environment there are multiple services linked to our ActiveDirectory credentials, and not all of these services are provided through the same domain. (We employees do not have a choice in this matter, so replies to the effect of "it's not a good idea to use the same credentials for multiple services" are not helpful.) We are required to change our ActiveDirectory passwords regularly, so it is problematic to maintain one 1Password login per domain that uses the same credentials.

    I think a secure way to handle this in 1Password is to create the abstraction of "credential sets" separate from "logins." A credential set is only a username and password, and a login contains the URL and all of the other information required for a "Go and Fill" operation. Each login also contains a pointer to exactly one set of credentials, and two or more logins may share the same set of credentials. The program could even offer a security warning when linking two logins to the same set of credentials, stating that this must not be done unless the accounts are truly linked through ActiveDirectory or a similar system.

    Requiring the explicit creation of a login for each linked account removes the danger of wild-card domain matching. I don't think it's too burdensome to require that the user create a login for each linked account, because this only has to be done once. Password changes are then handled by updating the credential set, which is done only once for each group of linked accounts.
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    Welcome to the forums, Michael. I think we are in agreement. It will just take some time to implement a workable solution for you. :)

    We don't pre-announce products or features, so I can't give you any specific details. However, as I mentioned above, this is on our radar and we are actively pursuing an implementation that I believe you will be happy with. Any unforeseen complications may derail our efforts, so as usual this is not a guarantee of any sort. But we are on the same page.

    If we can be of further assistance in the meantime, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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