Firefox 9.0.1 for Windows - Autosave login feature not Working

Hello guys I'm posting this because I recently bought 1password for windows; I tested it before (Trial) and everything was working perfect including the auto save feature in firefox; but once I bought the software and entered the registration key the auto save feature for logins stopped working, meaning that I have to save it manually for every single site that I want to add. The extension is active for Firefox and it show de icon and work erfectly but just no Autosave or auto fill in the information I have to manually instruct it.

I hope you can help me solve this.


  • Ello all,

    I've been using Roboform for years but for some reason it's started to make Firefox crash. I thought I try 1Password. Problem is it doesn't remember passwords. In fact on Facebook it doesn't even ask if I want to save the login details. It does on this site, I told it to save but when I looked it hadn't saved anything.

    Any ideas??

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    This problem has been fixed in
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    Welcome to the forum, Phil!

    Did you try saving a Login item by hand, as described in Saving a Login item in the Tutorials section of the user's guide?
  • Thank you for your response Stefan but my software is at version and when I hit update it says is up to date; and in the windows release notes I can't fin it either. is this version beig released any time soon.

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    It should be available soon. Thank you for your patience!
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    Alejandro, Stefan reports that he believes the problem is fixed in build 252 but not that build 252 has been released, yet.

    If you have automatic checks for updates enabled (on the Updates tab of 1Password preferences), you have the frequency set to Daily, and you launch 1Password at least once a day, you'll be notified of the release as soon as it's available.
  • svondutchsvondutch

    Team Member is available now.
  • Thank you guys! it's working!
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    That's great news, Alejandro! Thanks for updating the thread.
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