Where is my login and recently generated passwords

A few minutes ago I created and saved a login to Flixster and also generated a password for the Ultraviolet site along the way. When I go to Flixster I do see the login option via my Chrome icon but I cannot locate it at all when launching the program itself. It just isn't there ... so where is it getting the login info?
Second - neither of the recently generated passwords are showing. Last generated password I can see is from 12/22. It's as if the program itself is using an older form of the database than the Chrom add-in.


  • Okay ... so this is strange. From within the Chrome add-in I see the Flixster sign in. But the password generate shows no recent passwords generated. Not true ... just generated this Flixster password plus a second within the past hour. From within the Firefox add-in I do not see the Flixster login at all. Within the 1P application itselt I also do not see the Flixster login. I do not see the two passwords generated today from any of them.
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    It sounds like the helper is not able to connect to the sandboxed browser extension in Chrome, so the data is not in sync.

    Are you seeing a red badge on the 1Password button in Chrome's toolbar?

    Please review the steps in the User Guide to resolve this:

  • no - no red badge on the 1Password button in Chrome's toolbar. Does this change anything? Where exactly is the login it did save if it's not showing up in the application?
  • The help link isn't really applicable. First - not seeing the red badge. Tried restarting the 1password helper. Didn't work ... and really didn't think it would. This issue seems less with the chrome helper than with the application itself. The chrome helper has access to two new logins that are not showing up in the application. I do not use a proxy server and I've been using the same anti-virus / firewall package for a couple of years. Nothing has changed there. The only thing that has changed recently is that I was having the 1P issue with Chrome that a number of others were a week or so ago. This issue has since been corrected by update.
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    Randomizer, the significant change is the new extension for Chrome, which uses a technology that requires 1Password to create a copy of your 1Password data that is accessible to the extension. The 1Password program and the extension for Firefox don't use that copy, which seems to be out of sync with the "main" 1Password data folder.

    First, make sure you're using the very latest version of 1Password. Then, invoke the 1Password extension from within Chrome and note the new passwords that are currently showing there and nowhere else. Then, uninstall the extension (from within Chrome). Then, launch 1Password, and click the Install Chrome Extension button.

    You'll probably need to re-create the Login items associated with those noted new passwords.

    Please let us know whether that gets the two copies of your 1Password data back "in sync." (You'll be able to tell, based on whether the new Login items show up in the main 1Password program after you re-create them in the extension for Chrome.)
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