iOS 10(.2) iPhone app (v6.9.1) prompting 'Update required', but App Store doesn't display any update

I'm explicitly asking about iOS 10 which is of course two OS versions out of date now, but to be prompted that the 'update is required' when the App Store doesn't even display the v7 update nor allow us to update is redundant.

Instead you're faced with a vicious cycle of opening the v6 app, seeing the update message, be redirected to the app store, not see any update available, return to the app, and be prompted with the update message again. Of course this message can be skipped, but isn't there a more sensible solution?

Can't this message be disabled for any OS' ineligible for the update, or at least re-worded to be more user-friendly by informing the user that they're missing out on v7's new features/update OS or something else?

In any case, does v6.9.1 not support opening of Shared Vaults? As Family Organizer, even when I try to access any Shared Vault from the app, they all show up empty. Please confirm if this functionality is missing for v6.

The thing I hope agilebits can take away from this post, is there are still users on iOS 10, and that it'd be great if you could continue to maintain v6 for us legacy users, and at least offer basic functionality for those who are paying for a 1P subscription.

1Password Version: 6.9.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 10.2
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    Hi @ptooey

    I understand the difficulty here. Continuing to support v6 going forward isn't going to be feasible (if it were even possible; which it is not). For one there is no way for us to release an update to 1Password 6 for iOS via the App Store any longer. There just isn't any mechanism by which to do that. The only real solution is going to be to upgrade to iOS 11 so that you can take advantage of 1Password 7 (which if you're a 1Password Families member would be a free upgrade). I'm sorry there isn't another option available. As for a temporary workaround until you can do so it may be possible to access your 1Password Families data via the website in mobile Safari.

    As a side note, as a security focused company, our strong recommendation is always going to be to keep up to date with your operating system(s), your web browser(s), and 1Password.


  • So you're going to make us a gift of new ipads that will run ios 11+? Or do you supply a kit to turn our old but perfectly functional ones into door stops? Or do we just clog the landfills with them?

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    I understand it can be frustrating to be pushed in the direction of replacing what seems to be a perfectly functional device, but keeping software up to date really is fairly important, and older devices can't do it.

    Your question may have been rhetorical. It is hard to tell via the written word on the internet sometimes. But Apple does offer a recycling / trade-in program so that these devices don't end up in landfills:

    Apple Trade In - Apple

    This thread is from 2 years ago, so if you'd like to continue the discussion I'd encourage you to open a fresh thread. Thanks!


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