Beta 7.2.3 Beta-0 1Password can't verify the identity of your web browser (Chrome)

edited November 2018 in Mac Beta

Did the update during start-up. On-screen box appeared. Closed and reopened Chrome, Box never went away

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  • Restarted Mac & all seems OK

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member

    You quit Chrome, then hit the OK button, then launched Chrome?

  • This appears after each install/upgrade of 7.2.3-BETA.

    You're unable to dismiss the dialog because immediately after it closes it reopens (infinitely). I had to close Chrome, Firefox, and Wavebox before the dialog would successfully dismiss. This occurred upon upgrade to BETA-0 and to BETA-1 (just now).

    A single acknowledgement should be remembered.

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    We'll be changing the presentation logic here in a future beta, but the cause of it is still going to necessitate relaunching Chrome.

  • +1 for this issue, currently running 7.2.3.BETA-4 (70203004).

    The dialog box appeared and will regenerate immediately upon dismissal, and will also sometimes forcefully keep focus, meaning every second the box will take focus from any other application I attempt to use, disrupting button clicks and keyboard entry. Restarting Chrome or otherwise fiddling with the dialog can stop this behaviour, but the dialog will remain on-screen and in always-on-top mode, for as long as the computer remains operational and no amount of process killing seems to be able to remove it.

    Restarting Chrome does not clear the box - the behaviour above continues even when I have closed every other application open on the computer. Only rebooting the computer has been able to clear the dialog, which was removed for around a day before reappearing this morning. As I run processes that cannot be paused for a reboot and will lose progress should they be cancelled, this now means I have to suffer this dialog on-screen for a few days until I am able to find a 'safe place' to stop what I am working on and reboot the machine.

    As this is the first reboot and re-appearance, I cannot say if it will happen repeatedly after reboot, but I'll have to assume so until I have the opportunity to reboot again and confirm or disprove.

  • Also experiencing this using Version 7.2.3.BETA-4 (70203004). Usually coming out of a long sleep. Hopefully "changing presentation logic" means "no longer grabbing focus as fast as possible in an infinite loop" :-)

  • Yep I have the same issue. I quit Chrome but it still appears, which means I don't get autofill on pages in Safari as the dialog box won't disappear!!!

  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Hi everyone. We just published beta 6 that should resolve this problem for you. Let me know if you still see trouble from here on out.

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