Safari Master Password Exposure

Hi Agile,

I've been a very happy 1Password user for many years (before it gained its vowels). The current series of Safari extensions has one issue that concerns me though, but should be fairly easy to address.

When I pop up the 1Password popover (usually with Cmd-\), I'm often asked to enter my master password. I can't tell in advance if I have to do this, and it seems I usually do, so my fingers are used to the flow of Cmd-\, <type master password>. Unfortunately if it's already unlocked, I still end up typing the first few characters of the master password (as the popover takes a moment to appear), which are then used as the filter and become visible.

This has happened enough times to worry me a bit. I'd like if those first keys I type instead make the system beep, or something other than become visible.

I've just poked around in the prefs and un-checked "disable automatic unlock", so hopefully I won't run into this again, but it's a default that I feel is inappropriate.

Thanks for all your great work!


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    Welcome to the forums, jmah! Thanks for using 1Password (or should I say "1Passwd") for so long! :D

    Most folks don't want to type in their master password each time they use the extension, so the default settings reflect this. Additionally, type-to-search is a beloved feature in the (unlocked) extension as well. I'm not sure the best way to reconcile this other than you suggest what you have already done: change the automatic unlock setting(s) to match your expectations.

    Please let me know if that isn't sufficient for you.

    Best regards,
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