IOS Issues - constant prompting and blank security options

I am still in the trial mode with 1Password and am having an issue on the IOS version ( iPad running IOS 12 ): 1Password prompts to enter my master password every time I want to autofill a login.

My security settings are:
Lock on Exit: off
Auto Lock: 30 minutes
PIN Code: off

The interesting bit is that I can launch the full app on my iPad and am not prompted again after the initial prompt. In other words, the full app is acting as expected. However, as soon as i try to autofill or interact with 1Password via Safari I get prompted.

Also.... tapping on Settings > Advanced > Security show nothing - just a white page with no options or text.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @bunger

    1Password offers Touch ID or Face ID options on devices that support those options, or a PIN code on devices that do not. Collectively we refer to these options as Quick Unlock. Without Quick Unlock being enabled you’ll be asked to unlock 1Password every time you try to access 1Password. With Quick Unlock enabled, depending on your other settings (i.e. “Lock on Exit” off), that may not be necessary. The only way to not be asked to unlock 1Password each time is to enable Quick Unlock. In order for the Lock on Exit option to be disabled successfully you have to have Quick Unlock enabled. This isn’t made clear in the interface, which is something I’m working with development on addressing.


  • @Ben thank you for the reply.

    Just to verify that I am correctly following along: there is currently no setting on an IOS device to allow unprompted access to 1Password for filling fields. Am I understanding that correctly?

    Assuming the iPad doesn't have Touch or Face ID, the best i can hope for with the current version of 1Password is to turn on PIN Code option, at which point I will always have to enter a pin code instead of my master password. Is that correct?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    If you were to enable the PIN code option 1Password should then respect the "lock on exit" setting being turned off. Without some form of Quick Unlock (PIN in this case, it sounds like), 1Password does not respect that setting and always locks when closing.


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