No longer able to change sign-in address?


I'm thinking about changing the sign-in address of my 1Password families and I found that the setting is no longer there.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @richardevs: That's correct. 1Password Families now use as the sign in address. If you already have a custom sign in address, you can continue to use that too, but it isn't possible to choose a new one -- either for a new account, or changing it for an existing one.

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    @brenty Hi, just had a new thought about the sign-in address situation, it seems that 1Password Teams still has the ability to manage sign-in address, so what if I upgrade my families account to Teams, just to change the name of the sign-in address, and then downgrade it back? Will that be able to solve the issue.

    Update: Just saw that, 1Password Teams can only be downgrade to families when I am the only one using... (which is not the case) So... I think my question will be, is it possible to remove custom sign-in address once in for all? (only keeping

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    As brenty wrote, I am afraid that changing the URL in your case might not be possible :( You could of course create a new 1Password Families account and migrate your existing users and data, but it might be a bit too much effort just to change the sign in address.

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    @ag_ana Hi, just to double check, so if I don't want to keep my custom sign in address anymore rather than changing it, can I ask support to remove my custom sign in address and only kept the as default?

    (I know it sounds too maniac for this little thing, but I like to keep everything tidy... Yep it is definitely OCD lol)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You should be able to use the sign-in address also, but there wouldn't be a way to remove the custom address without creating a new membership.


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