1Password for Windows is way too expensive!

I think AgileBits is nuts charging $50 for 1Password for Windows. This is way too expensive for a utility product like this, especially when there are similar/better (and free) alternatives like LastPass. I make good money and purchase a lot of personal software annually, but would never pay $50 for a product like 1Password. I was investigating 1Password because of its support for a local database (vs. the online-only database that LastPass and others have). Acceptable pricing of 1Password to be in the neighborhood of $10-$20, but not a cent more.


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    Welcome to the forum, velocitytoo, and thanks for posting your thoughts on pricing!

    As I've posted elsewhere in these forums, it is up to each person to determine whether 1Password meets his or her needs and provides sufficient value to justify the price of registration. Obviously, we feel it does...and (at least) thousands of people agree. That doesn't mean everyone will, though, and we understand that, although we wish everyone would. :)

    The price of a 1Password for Windows license is based on the costs of developing, testing, documenting, marketing, selling, supporting, maintaining, and enhancing the software. We do everything we can to keep those costs as low as possible—including offering awesome sales like the 40% holiday discount recently in effect—but, like everyone else, we have families that need to eat and bills that need to be paid.

    We sincerely thank you for considering 1Password. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help.
  • Excellent answer and as a user I want to add my support.

    1password is indispensable and worth every penny and it's also true that they give great deals quite often.

    AND I have many paid apps and no other application has even close to as many updates and fixes and 1password. The AgileBits team is relentless in their pursuit of perfection.
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    jsmarshall wrote:

    The AgileBits team is relentless in their pursuit of perfection.

    We do try. :)

    Thanks so much for your support, jsmarshall, and welcome to the forum!
  • Yes, I don't deny 1Password is expensive, but for the support you get, not that I've really needed it, and the constant updates mean that you are pretty well always at the bleeding edge of browser changes. As soon as a browser changes, or a new problem is found, these guys are on it like a shot. I feel safer with 1Password than I do with a lot of other password protection programs.

    So, perhaps it's not that expensive after all. You pay your money and take your choice. No-one forces you to buy.

    Personally, I would like to see it cheaper as being retired, that kind of money is a big hole in my savings, but hey it certainly does the job: I use mine across Windows, IOS, and Android. IT WORKS. I PAY.
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    Susi, thank you SO MUCH for your support!
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    While I agree with those that say that 1Password is well worth its license fee, I feel I have to play devil's advocate for a moment here.

    I am a long-time 1Password user on Mac OS X (circa 2006) and added iOS when it first launched so I think I'm lucky that I paid only $10 or so for the version that is both iPhone/iPad. I started a new job that forces me to use a Windows laptop so I added a Windows license to the pile just yesterday. Instantly got access to my 1000+ logins on Dropbox and all my saved notes and such. Loved that I didn't have to tell 1Password that my keychain was on Dropbox. It just knew. Launched for first time and it asked for my master password. Worth it at any price.

    However, were I a Windows-only user who didn't have any Mac or iOS devices and I were comparing 1Password to the many other password utilities out there (and on Windows, there are many) I wouldn't consider or recommend 1Password. Pains me to say that because I recommend 1Password constantly.

    The Windows version doesn't feel quite as polished or loved as the Mac version does. Understandable since there haven't been nearly as many releases (version 1 vs. version 3). That might not be the reality so don't jump on me, but that's the feeling I get using the product. When you buy and use 1Password for Windows it's clear in many subtle ways that this is a Mac-ported/influenced tool which is a new (and maybe uncomfortable) experience for most Windows only/Windows first users.

    In other words, I would have gladly paid $50 for 1Password as an add-on license to compliment my already-existing Mac and iOS licenses. Happy that it only cost me $35 instead. But I would agree with the original poster that a single Windows license for $50 is sadly too expensive.
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    Thanks for sharing those comments, Judi!

    While I'd refer to a lack of "maturity" rather than "polish" in describing the current release of 1Password for Windows, I can assure you that it is as well "loved" by us as 1Password for Mac. The two of us who have been involved almost exclusively in its development may well love it more, much as one loves one's own children best, even though they're not as well behaved (yet) as the neighbors' kids. :D

    Be assured that we'll continue improving 1Password for Windows and for Mac for as long as people like you continue to respond to our passion to make great software and provide great support.
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    EDIT: Nevermind! I see that you do provide bundle pricing. Not sure when that started, but I'll be picking it up for Windows now

    I am an avid user of 1Password on my MacBook Pro and iMac. At the same time, my job involves a lot of work on Windows machines of various stripes.

    1Password is critical on my Macs, but would be more of a convenience on my Windows machines. I can't justify spending another $50 on it for the second platform, but it's well worth the fee on the primary.

    I'm sure you guys have considered it before, but I'd like to throw my vote behind some sort of "package deal", say $50 for one platform or $75-80 for both. At $75 for both platforms I think you'd see quite a few people picking it up who have a primary platform and then a secondary, lesser-used one, for whom it would be a nicety but not a requirement. I know such a package deal would be a no-brainer for me, even at a relatively slight discount of as little as $15.

    Obviously it would be up to your own market research to determine the break-even pricepoint, but just throwing it out there!
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    Thanks for updating your post, ddremund. We have provided bundle pricing for a very long time now, and I'm glad that works for you. :D

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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    I agree that 1Password is worth every penny I've invested in it. It's got some teething issues, but the Agile team work hard to fix these as they crop up. However, I really do think that the Windows version needs some more loving. It feels like an old Windows 95 app, rather than a modern Win7- (and soon to be Win8!) times app.
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    1Password is worth every penny in my opinion. Yes, it is a little weird on a Windows machine but, hey, who uses Windows all that much anyway? Tech support is far above that of any other vendor I've dealt with. I use it on a Mac, Windows machine and an iPad 2, great software! When my wife surprised me with the iPad for Christmas, 1Password was the first app I downloaded. JMHO :-)
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