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Today I did set-up my new smartphone. Together with my colleage we searched a longer time inside Android settings to activate 1Password keyboard again.

And I know 1Password for a long time and know there is a keyboard available.

New users will never know and find it.

So, please, add an activation option into fillings again. In the past there was a thrid option for the keyboard activation. Why you have removed it? https://support.1password.com/android-filling/

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  • periperi

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    Hi @Philipp. We've removed the keyboard in 1Password 7 as we have Autofill, accessibility, and drag and drop, which are all better solutions. The keyboard will only show up in your 'Virtual keyboards' list in the device settings if you had previously enabled it from 1Password. You won't be able to use it as a new user.

  • Hi @peri Thanks for your update. In my point of view it would be better when the user could choose what is the best solution for him. As an example: For 2FA for WhatsApp 1Password does not identify the PIN box. As an solution I can switch between WhatsApp and 1Password, but in my point of view the keyboard switch is the better solution. But there are also many other apps which 1Password does not identify that there is a login process needed. As an example "Miles and more". There is no 1Password pop-up starting for the login. With keyboard I can search the entry and click on user and password and I am logged in. With switching I have to switch to 1Password, copy the user-id switch to miles and more and paste, switch to 1password, copy password, switch to miles and more and paste. In my point of view your keyboard is still a could product and I think it is a pity when you "hiding" it for your users.

  • periperi

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    Thanks for the feedback, @Philipp. I'm sorry, but we don't have plans to bring back the keyboard, as there were many problems with it. I understand that there are certain places that we're still having trouble filling into, and we're working on making improvements to the way those are handled otherwise. I'll share your feedback with our development team, though!

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