1PX on Ashampoo

When i go with my mouse over Login the Loginfield appears.
1PX suggest me my saved login when i click in the eMail or Password field.

Same on the German Site.
But 1PX suggest me my Identity in the eMail Field and in the Password Field a new suggested Password.

To what extent is the German side different from English?

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  • Hi @blaxxz,

    So hopefully we'll see some improvements help in these cases. It isn't the first report I've seen but for the life of me I can't find the issue. What I am seeing in some very alpha code though is improved logic and it displays the Login item first. Hopefully we can see these changes in a stable version of 1Password X soon.

  • Updated to 1.13

    1PX suggest my Login in the eMail and Password Fields with the following languages:
    Dansk, Svenska, English UK/US
    Works fine with these languages.

    On all other languages:
    eMail field: 1PX suggest my identity and my saved login
    Password field: 1PX suggest a new generated Password.

    Where is the difference?

  • Hello @blaxxz,

    A number of the hints that 1Password looks for when trying to classify a form or field are based on keywords. That means language can come into play. As everybody here has English either as a first or second language and as 1Password is Canadian focus has been on compatibility with popular English based sites. We're not purposely ignoring others, but our own personal usage and the majority of reports are for sites in English. It can mean accuracy dips a bit in other languages but over time our hope is our great users will let us know when things aren't working as well for them and we can tweak and improve.

    Due to the staggering number and range in sites out there a proactive approach isn't always as effective as you might hope. Obviously a reactive approach, where we do rely on reports from users isn't great either but my gut feeling is simply due to the diversity of sites there isn't a scalable proactive approach. I could be wrong and I would be very happy to be wrong if it meant we could make 1Password better.

    So whilst not perfect, at least 1.13 does offer your saved Login item and it should appear first as well. That doesn't mean there isn't tweaking to be done though but at least it's good progress.

  • Same behavior with 1.15.0
    Just wanted to report ;)

  • ceceliacecelia

    Team Member

    Thanks for the ping on this, @blaxxz! I'm sure it's in there, but I wasn't able to locate the issue littlebobbytables mentioned was filed — So I filed a new one just in case. It's on our radar. :)

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